Airbnb Regulation

Times are changing: Airbnb regulations to consider.

Did you know that you may live in a city where Airbnb is illegal? Sounds crazy, right? But certain cities are enforcing Airbnb rules and regulations that may make it difficult or impossible to run your Airbnb multiple account business the way you want to. In large Canadian cities, including Toronto and Vancouver, local governments are cracking down on how Airbnb hosts can operate. Regulations have been put in place to prohibit Airbnb hosts from using investment properties as rentals. A host can still rent their home or a room in the home on Airbnb, but cannot use an investment property as an Airbnb rental. City governments feel that using as investment property as an Airbnbs is taking advantage of the sharing economy.  This type of renting may also increase noise, traffic and garbage in otherwise residential areas.

New Airbnb Regulations for Canada

An ordinance recently passed in Toronto and a similar one is being looked at in Vancouver within the next few weeks. If the law does pass, Vancouver Airbnb hosts may only rent their primary residence for up to 30 days. There is no word on how or how harshly these cities will enforce these new Airbnb regulations, but it’s important to know if your city has similar policies in place.

If you do rent multiple Airbnb properties, it a good practice to periodically check into your city’s regulations to makes sure nothing has changed. It’s also important to keep your properties safe and clean, to help prevent the need for stringent regulations in the first place.

Despite some cities increasing Airbnb regulations, much of the county still allows Airbnb multiple account managers to operate as usual. If you live somewhere like this, let Hosty help you run your business smoothly. We provide you with the best professional Airbnb management software that can help you streamline your Airbnb business. 

Does your city have stringent Airbnb regulations? How do you operate despite them? Please share your experience in the comments section.