Airbnb Essentials

Be the Airbnb host that thinks of everything. Airbnb essentials for your guests.

A list of Airbnb essentials to keep guests happy.

Forgetting things when you travel is a huge pain. You’ve spent days packing your belongings and making sure that that you have everything. When you get to your destination without everything you need, it’s a huge letdown. Thankfully, the best Airbnb hosts will provide you with a little extra care by having some Airbnb essentials on hand. If you strive to do more for your guests, consider having the following ready for the next time someone checks in.

Airbnb Standards and Expectations:

Generally, all Airbnb guests expect the standard hotel amenities when traveling. Towels, fresh sheets, a coffee maker and some soap. Making sure that you have the bare minimum is essential for happy guests. If you do have the ability to provide more, it’s a wonderful way to ensure that your guests will have everything they need for a spectacular stay.

Going the extra mile:

If you’re committed to giving your guests the best experience they can have, adding some of the Airbnb extras listed below is an excellent way to do that. This could also be a pretty good way to get some good reviews and work your way to becoming an Airbnb Superhost.


Proving things that are easy to forget will make you a fantastic Airbnb host. Deodorant, tooth paste, lotion, floss or even makeup removing wipes are great things to provide to guests to make them feel at home.  Also, consider having a hair dryer available. They’re hard to pack, and since hotels have them, some guests may expect their Airbnb to have them, too.

A Phone Charger:

Being in a new place with a dying phone battery is the stuff of modern nightmares. If you have an extra phone charger lying around, make it available to your guests. It will allow them to have a charged and ready phone so they can navigate a new city, get dinner recommendations, or play a game while they’re waiting for the bus. You hate going without your phone, and we’re sure that your Airbnb guests do too.

Weather Gear:

Packing umbrellas, sunscreen, and extra mittens aren’t always practical. Not only is it hard to pack, but it’s even easier to forget. Having some weather gear ready for your Airbnb guests will keep them comfortable and content.

Now that you know about the Airbnb essentials for your guests, what about the Airbnb essentials for you? For that, turn to Hosty, the professional Airbnb management software that can take your business to the next level.