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All You Need To Know About Offering Airbnb Breakfast

Offering Airbnb breakfast can be a masterstroke in providing satisfactory service. However, it could prove to be a useless expense as well. You have to be well equipped for offering a beneficial Airbnb breakfast. Equipped with not only utensils but also knowledge. Learn from the guests who already offer breakfast to their guests and employ tested strategies to make the best out of an Airbnb breakfast. If you are offering Airbnb breakfast, then be sure that the food and money don’t go to waste.

How To Offer A Beneficial Airbnb Breakfast?

1. Ask Your Guests

  • Preferences

Every guest is going to be different. Some guests might be from the same state whereas others will be foreigners. Guests from different origins will expect different breakfasts. As an Airbnb host, you can solve this issue with two solutions. You can either offer the staple continental breakfast such as Bread, jam, milk, cereals with some fruits or you can directly consult the guests about their preferences.

The second option is advisable because it will help you offer quality service to the guests. If you ask in advance about their preferences, then they will be impressed as well. Serving breakfast according to the preferences of the guests is the best way to impress and gain good reviews. This way your breakfast will not go waste as well. Maybe your guests want to taste the authentic taste of your area so offer them the local food.

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  • Food Allergies

You have to keep your guests safe. Offering food comes with numerous complications. Food allergies are common and dangerous. You have to keep a record of your guests’ food allergies and offer only safe food. Skipping this step might be fatal for both your guest and your business.

In any case, if you are not able to get in contact and inquire about the food allergies then remember to provide them with a list of ingredients along with the breakfast. This will help them stay safe.

2. Don’t Impose Time Restrictions

You are offering Airbnb breakfast to provide a better experience to your guests, but if you force them to adhere to your schedule then you are defying the whole purpose of Airbnb breakfast. As an Airbnb host, you expect guests from all over the world. You can not schedule their breakfast according to your convenience.

  • Let Them Contact The Cooking Service

The first solution to address the issue is simple. All you have to do is give the contact details of the cooking service you hired to the guests. This will eliminate you as a middleman. This means the guests will be able to directly contact the service and set the breakfast timing according to their schedule.

This solution will work when you hire a professional cooking service in the neighborhood. This ensures that your guests have a freshly and professionally cooked breakfast. It is cute if you want to cook breakfast yourself but it might not be the best option. If you are offering Airbnb breakfast then let your guests have a professional breakfast. Also, remote hosts can’t cook themselves so, a reliable cooking service is the only option.

  • Offer Packaged Breakfast

Now, if you decide to offer packaged food as Airbnb breakfast then it’s completely fine. Packaged also gives the control in the hands of the guests. They can have it whenever they want. However, you have to be careful while buying packaged food. First try the product yourself, read the reviews and ensure that it is a good quality product. Also, double-check the expiry date. Also don’t buy packaged food in bulk and just store it on your property. Buy small packages and offer a new breakfast hamper to every guest.

3. Confirm The Serving Before Investing

This is the execution tip. Once the planning is done, you know the preferences of your guests, you have noted the allergies and you have decided to hire the cooking service, remember to contact your guest every night. Confirming their plans and confirming the breakfast is essential. Even if they said they like continental breakfast they might not eat it if it is not in their schedule. So, call every night before bedtime and confirm that they will have breakfast in the morning.

At the same time, you can slide the menu as well. Just tell them your breakfast plans for the next day and read their reaction. Before purchasing or paying for breakfast just confirm whether your guests will eat it or not. This will ensure that no food or money is wasted.

How To Charge For Airbnb Breakfast?

You have two options to charge for Airbnb breakfast. You can either include it in your listing price or ask it as a special charge. The difference is that you reveal the special charge after the inquiry so that you can lure the guests with the low pricing. But this also means that the guests can refuse the services. If you want to cover your breakfast charges in advance, then include it in your listings only. Since it’s just breakfast, it will not raise the price much and will provide breakfast security.

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Do You Need To Offer Airbnb Breakfast?

If you have the budget and your target market would be satisfied with breakfast, then yes you need to offer Airbnb breakfast. It’s a bonus that helps you earn good reviews. However, only offer if you can afford it and your guests will be impressed. A travel blogger on a trip will like to explore the local restaurants whereas an Airbnb business guest will love to save time by having breakfast at the stay itself. So, the preferences change with the type of guests you are expecting.

The only thing to keep in mind when offering Airbnb breakfast is to save food from going to waste. It has happened with many hosts that their breakfast was wasted because they did not consult the guests in advance. If it’s difficult to manually connect with your guests on multiple listings, then you can use Hosty’s AutoMessage feature to lighten the load. You will have all your text messages on a single platform, and you can even send automated messages just by setting trigger points. So, communicate with your guests regularly and satisfy them with Airbnb breakfast.