Airbnb superhost criteria

What Is the Airbnb Superhost Status?

Airbnb is developing into something bigger and better every single year, and that means more hosts are joining the community all the time. But, unfortunately not everyone that decides to rent their property out on the popular platform is able to make it a success. To get regular bookings, you need to master a variety of different aspects such as your listing, pricing, and communication.

It isn’t easy, but there are a ton of Airbnb management tools to help you on your journey. Now, there are certain hosts who have reached the upper echelons of the platform; they manage multiple Airbnb listings consistently by utilizing the features gifted to them. These hosts are given the label of Superhost…

What is a Superhost?

When you see the term Superhost, it probably sounds like an unachievable feat that only a lucky few manage to accomplish. But, everyone starts out at the bottom on Airbnb, which means everyone has the chance to become a Superhost if they’re dedicated enough. Although, before you become one, you need to know what it is.

A Superhost is simply a host that has been performing at a high level on the platform for a lengthy period of time. If you accommodate guests on a frequent basis and give them a wonderful experience with fantastic reviews, then you’ll have a chance of obtaining the Superhost badge.

Airbnb Superhost Criteria

But, to make it easier for you to understand, there are some specific criteria which you’ll need to meet. If you believe you’ve met the criteria, but haven’t received the badge, then don’t worry because Airbnb reviews Superhosts four times a year. Anyway, here they are:

  • Accommodated at least 10 guests
  • Respond to at least 90% of inquiries over a certain time period
  • Received a 5-star review from at least 80% of guests
  • Carried out all of your reservations without canceling

How to track my Superhost status?

The journey to becoming a Superhost can be exciting, and you’ll no doubt want to track how close you are to becoming one. Like we’ve already mentioned, Superhosts are measured on their activity four times a year – every 3 months – which means you can view where you are in January, April, July, and October.

The best way to actually track your Superhost status is to check your response rate and your reviews near each evaluation period. Also, you can bear in mind that the criteria regarding cancellations are not affected if your cancellation qualifies for special circumstances.