Airbnb Guest Expectations

The ultimate Airbnb experience – How to cater to Airbnb Guest Expectations

Often times, people choose to stay at Airbnb because they offer more than a traditional hotel. A homey feel, an optimal location, and a gracious and knowledgeable host. Most travelers want the real Airbnb experience and seek that out when they’re traveling. Because of this, what separates a good host from a great host is being aware of what guests are really looking for. Providing a pleasant atmosphere and some extra special touches can guarantee happy customers and some great Airbnb reviews. Anticipating Airbnb guest expectations sounds complicated, but with a little work, what you offer to a guest and what they expect will line up perfectly.

Understanding Airbnb Guest Expectations


This should go without saying, but your home needs to be clean! Fresh sheets, vacuumed floors, a spotless bathroom, and a clean kitchen should be the minimum requirements. We’ve seen the worst Airbnb reviews stem from a rental that isn’t as clean as it should be. Obviously, getting good guests reviews is a vital part of your Airbnb business, so this step should not be taken lightly. By adding on a cleaning fee to your rental will ensure that you or your cleaning person is getting compensated for a job well done. 


If your guests have a clean place to sleep, that’s definitely a good start, but you’ll need to do a bit more in order to meet your Airbnb guest’s expectations. Adding a layer of hospitality to your listing is definitely worth the effort that it takes. Simple things like coffee or tea, bottles of water, extra toiletries or your favorite candy from a local candy shop are great ways to make a guest feel at home. They may be considered “extra touches, ” but since so many great Airbnb hosts provide things like this, guests have come to expect at least a little extra something.

The local touch  

The final piece of the puzzle is adding that local touch to your rental.  It makes people feel like they’re getting a good sense of your location and all the wonderful things that come with it. Provide information about your favorite restaurants, spots to hang out, or the best vintage clothing stores around. Share some local secrets, your favorite landmarks or your favorite parks. Consider adding in some information about local transportation options, too. Giving your guests this information will make them feel like they truly know your area and can get around it like a local. Do this step correctly, and you’ll not only be meeting your guests expectations you’ll be exceeding them as well.

Pro tip: Have a lot on your plate? Automate some of your everyday actions with Hosty, professional Airbnb management software. This way, you’ll have more time to keep your guests happy.

Remember, providing an A+ Airbnb guest experience is easy to do with a little forethought and some creativity. After all, a happy guest is the ultimate goal.