Airbnb Messaging

Tips for effective Airbnb messaging

Airbnb messaging plays an important role in enhancing the guests’ experience and ensuring the guest‘s satisfaction. For ranking high in the Airbnb search result and earning the status of Airbnb super host you need to maintain a 90% response rate and have 5-star reviews. Effective Airbnb messaging could help you in succeeding in your Airbnb business.

You could use Airbnb messaging to your advantage. Let’s review these 4 stages:

Stages of Airbnb messaging

Stage 1- Inquiry

When a person wants to book an Airbnb, he/she first shortlists a few listings and then sends inquiries to at least top 3 hosts. This is the last stage of their selection and the first step of the impression you can make on them. Their choice will be based on the different responses received. You have to stand out and effectively start the communication process with your potential guest. This is the stage where Airbnb messaging will help you to convert a potential guest into a confirmed booking.


What if the other hosts reply before you and your potential guest books their Airbnb property? In this case, you won’t even get the chance to showcase your communication skills. If you want your potential guest to select your listing over others, then you have to respond promptly.

Stay active and never turn off your notification. You need to keep checking your inbox and reply to the inquiries as quickly as possible. When you reply promptly then the guests feel valued and impressed by your efforts.  


Responding to the inquiry is your first interaction with potential guests. Your tone, use of words, the framing of sentences, everything will play an important role in influencing them. Your target is to attract the potential guest and persuade them to book your listing.

You have to impress them with politeness. Frame your reply in a polite tone and a friendly manner. Let your potential guests know that you will arrange a warm customer experience for them.


Your reply to the first guest inquiry should be creative and attractive. Your message should be designed to convince the potential guest that you are the best. Along with replying to the inquiry you should smartly mention the benefits of booking your property. 


You have to attract them using honesty. Maybe a lie could persuade the guest to book your Airbnb, but later when they will discover your dishonesty then your status will be in grave danger. Your goal is to enhance guest experience and no lie would help you in achieving this goal. Complete honesty and transparency is the policy to start your interaction. No one is perfect and the guests are also aware of this fact. When you honestly accept a shortcoming, the guests appreciate your honesty and will consider booking your property.

Stage 2- Check-in

After confirming the booking, the second stage of Airbnb messaging is guest check-in. In between the two stages, there might be few inquiries regarding their future stay so remember to reply quickly, politely, and honestly. Check-in is the first physical step of your guest. You need to employ effective Airbnb messaging from the first step itself.

Welcome note

A welcome text is essential for effective Airbnb messaging. As soon as the guests step in your property, they should feel welcomed and warm. A welcome message including a few information, instructions, and many warm greetings will impress your guests to a great extent. Your guests have reached your property and your first step to enhance their guest experience should be a friendly Airbnb welcome letter.


If you desire to provide your guests with certain instructions, then this is a perfect time. You should convey the instructions at the time of check-in itself. Sending the instructions in the beginning, helps the guests to adjust better. Certain instructions are indispensable such as warning about the electric appliances or mentioning the dangerous porch on your property. Send the list of important instructions at the time of Check-in.

Stage 3- Stay

Now your focus is guest satisfaction. You have to ensure a comfortable stay for your guests. Airbnb messaging is the perfect channel for you to connect with the guest and enhance their experience. During their stay, you could use numerous tips and tricks to impress them and make their experience even more exhilarating. Generally, people choose Airbnb over hotels due to the personalized experience. You can employ Airbnb messaging to arrange the expected experience. 

Scheduled information 

You could use Airbnb messaging to inform the guests about the attractions around your property. You should provide them with ideas to enjoy their trip or suggest good restaurants in the area. You are their host and have a good knowledge of the region. Any piece of information provided by you will be treated as reliable. Your assistance will help them to plan a better trip and make informative decisions during their stay. You can schedule these messages and send valuable information each morning so that they could plan their day effectively.

Care messages

Always check up your guest while they are staying at your property. Show the guests that you value them and care for them. Ask them how they are doing, And if they need anything for enhancing their experience. Keep your guests happy with the use of Airbnb messaging and enjoy the good reviews.

Quick responses

If the guests send you any complaint or account of an inconvenience, then act upon it immediately. Even if there is a problem, your prompt response will fix the situation. If you delay in replying and solving their problem, then Airbnb bad reviews are confirmed. Your aim is to enhance their experience and prompt action is the weapon to achieve this goal.

Stage 4- Check-out

Your journey with your guest does not end on the check-out date. You still have to use Airbnb messaging to impress them. It is usual that your guests experienced an inconvenience during the stay. You can use this stage to make it up to your guest and bid goodbye on a happy note.

Thank you note

Always, send a “thank you” note after the check-out. It is a polite gesture that attempts to fill all the rough patches formed during the stay. A warm and friendly thankyou note is a must to end the Airbnb messaging journey.

Review request

Also, remember to request your guests to leave a review. If you feel that you were successful in enhancing your guest experience, then you would like to share your achievement with the potential guests.

These are a few simple and most effective tips for using Airbnb messaging to enhance your guests’ experience. With that being said, it could be a bit overwhelming to frame the perfect message every time you receive an inquiry and to send personalized welcome notes manually. Fortunately, you can use Hosty’s Airbnb management software for enhancing the guest experience through Airbnb messaging. Using its Airbnb Central Inbox and Auto Message feature you could save the replies to frequently asked questions and send the perfect response in just once click. 

You can also send personalized welcome and thank you notes automatically. The Auto message feature of Hosty will help you to design personalized messages with the names and details of the guests. You can use Hosty for effective and automated Airbnb messaging.