The In-depth Sydney Airbnb Business Startup Guide. Facts, Figures, and How-to’s.

The In-depth Sydney Airbnb Business Startup Guide: Facts, Figures, and How-to’s

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The Profitability of Investing in the Airbnb Market in Sydney

Unlock the secrets of a flourishing Airbnb business in Sydney. This comprehensive guide is your key to understanding the market, laying the groundwork, and achieving success in the short-term rental industry.


Stepping into the realm of Airbnb hosting in Sydney? You’re about to embark on a rewarding journey. Hosting guests from every corner of the globe, and offering them an authentic taste of Sydney life while earning profit sounds appealing, doesn’t it? With our Sydney Airbnb Business Startup Guide, we will turn that appealing idea into a reality.

With this guide, you gain insights from years of experience and expertise in the Airbnb and real estate industries, paving your way to success.

Why Sydney is the Ultimate Choice for Your Airbnb Business?

Sydney isn’t just the heartbeat of Australia—it’s a city teeming with potential for Airbnb hosts. Let’s explore why with some hard-hitting numbers!

1. Tourist Traffic Numbers Speak Volumes

As Australia’s most visited city, Sydney welcomed a staggering 16.1 million tourists in 2019 alone. The more tourists, the higher the potential occupancy rate!

2. Authenticity is the New Trend

Airbnb’s 2021 report indicates a growing trend towards authenticity among travelers, with 56% of their users preferring unique and local experiences over traditional hotel stays. This preference aligns perfectly with what Airbnb hosts in Sydney can provide.

3. Sydney’s Property Market

Sydney’s property market presents a lucrative opportunity for Airbnb entrepreneurs. According to the Global Property Guide, the city’s residential areas are bursting with a variety of properties that cater to different guest needs, making it a thriving market for Airbnb hosts. Whether it’s an urban apartment in the Central Business District, a family home in the tranquil suburbs, or a beachfront cottage in Bondi, there’s something for every traveler. Sydney’s property hotspots conveniently align with key tourist attractions, boosting their appeal to guests. Data from Inside Airbnb shows that listings in high-demand locations like the CBD and Bondi Beach tend to enjoy higher occupancy rates, which can potentially translate into greater profits for hosts. In addition to its diversity and tourist appeal, the Sydney property market exhibits strength and resilience. Lastly, Sydney’s local government recognizes the importance of the short-term rental market and generally permits homeowners to lease their properties to visitors, further reinforcing the city’s attractiveness to Airbnb hosts.

Laying the Foundations of Your Airbnb Business in Sydney

After getting a grip on the basics, it’s time to delve into how to launch your Airbnb business in Sydney.

1. Market Research is Key

Start by investigating other Airbnb listings in Sydney. Discover the average nightly rate in Sydney’s Airbnb market—around $195 according to AirDNA with the highest price in December – $237.

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2. Choosing the Perfect Property

Consider the property’s location, type, and potential amenities. The 2020 Inside Airbnb report shows properties near tourist hotspots like the Sydney Opera House have a higher occupancy rate.

3. Registering Your Business

All short-term rental accommodation (STRA) properties in Sydney are required to register on the STRA Register. A registration fee of $65 is applicable for new registrations. It is important to note that STRA property registrations must be renewed annually, starting from the date of the initial registration, in order to maintain active status on the STRA Register. A renewal fee of $25 is applicable for the renewal process. Read more here.

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Effective Marketing Strategies for Your Airbnb Business

Boosting visibility and attracting more guests is achievable with the right marketing strategies.

1. High-quality Photos and Descriptions

According to a study conducted in 2016, which analyzed over 100,000 Airbnb listings, properties that utilized professional photography experienced notable benefits. These properties garnered 28% more bookings compared to those without professional photography. Additionally, hosts with professional photos were able to command a 26% higher nightly rate, resulting in a significant increase of 40% in overall earnings. The study highlights the positive impact of professional photography on the success and profitability of Airbnb listings.

2. Harnessing Social Media

The study Digital 2023 Australia underscores the increasing importance of the digital landscape in Australia, as internet usage and social media engagement continue to reach unprecedented levels. Based on the research findings, a staggering 25.31 million Australians, accounting for 96% of the population, are active Internet users. Furthermore, the study reveals that there are 21.30 million individuals, equivalent to 81% of the population, who actively engage with social media platforms. These statistics highlight the widespread adoption and influence of digital technologies among Australians, showcasing the immense reach and potential impact of online platforms in the country.

3. Accumulating Positive Reviews

Guest reviews are paramount in building your reputation. According to a BrightLocal survey, 97% of consumers aged 18-34 trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

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Delivering the Ultimate Guest Experience

Providing a stellar guest experience is the cornerstone of successful Airbnb hosting.

1. Creating a Welcoming Environment

A warm welcome can shape a guest’s entire stay. Adding personal touches like a welcome basket can significantly enhance guest satisfaction.

2. Local Recommendations

Your local knowledge can offer a unique value to guests. According to a 2020 Airbnb report, 92% of guests appreciate local recommendations from their hosts.


Starting an Airbnb business in Sydney entails thorough planning, careful execution, and a commitment to providing exceptional experiences for guests. Our Sydney Airbnb Business Startup Guide equips you to navigate this journey with confidence and expertise.

Your Airbnb business may not skyrocket overnight, but with determination, hard work, and a dash of Sydney charm, you’re on your way to establishing a sought-after Airbnb spot in Sydney. So, are you ready to unlock your potential?