Airbnb Review System

Airbnb Review System


How does Airbnb Review System work?

Airbnb is a robust user-focused community that’s built on trust. Being able to invite people you don’t know into your home is an incredible experience, but you need to know that those people are  trustworthy. Alternatively, guests want to know that you’re an authentic host as well. The best way to do this is by relying on Airbnb review system to ensure that you’ll have a safe rental experience. Airbnb takes their review system seriously. In fact, having good reviews is the best way to increase your rental rates.  Also, did you know that getting stellar Airbnb reviews is the first step to becoming an Airbnb SuperHost

So how does Airbnb review system work? And how do I get the best review? Having a good handle on this system is the best way to make sure you’re getting positive reviews. Use these tips to get 5-star reviews!

Review your guest first

 A great way to convince a guest to give you a positive review is to give them one first. Providing your guests with a great review will usually warrant a positive review back. Not sure what to say? Look at other reviews: If you’re at a loss for words, take a look at other reviews for inspiration. Seeing the way other hosts speak will help you learn the best way to communicate on Airbnb. Also, make sure you check your reviews for spelling and grammar errors!

Remind to review you back

Once your guest has checked out, send them a message reminding them to submit their review while the experience is fresh in their mind. This gentle reminder may be enough to make them act. It’s also a good idea to ask guests to message you directly if they had a negative experience before they leave a bad review for the world to see. This way you may be able to rectify a negative situation before it is forever engraved in your listing’s history.

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Making sure that you’re always up to date with the changes in Airbnb’s review system is essential. Luckily, Hosty is here to bring you the latest news that can make you a better, more informed vacation rental manager. Keep coming back here to make sure that you’re always in the know!