Airbnb Furniture

Put on your decorator hat! Choosing the best furniture for your Airbnb.

There are two types of people. Those that love decorating and those that hate it. It’s either your favorite thing, or you’re dreading even reading this post. Either way, choosing the right furniture is a critical step in creating a booming Airbnb business. Picking furniture for your Airbnb is some serious work. It helps you to create a look and make people feel at home, so it should take some real consideration. And after all, isn’t the most important part of being an Airbnb host making people feel at home?

The best furniture for your Airbnb

Without getting too much into interior design specifics, choosing great furniture for your Airbnb comes down to two considerations: Form and Function.

Function: What it’s for.

Obviously, your guests will need the bare essentials when it comes to furniture.  But after you take care of making sure there’s a bed and a place to sit, you need to think more about your ideal guest. Do you get a lot of Airbnb business travelers? Consider purchasing a big, beautiful desk. Do you have a cozy home in the woods? Make sure you have some comfortable oversized couches for reading and afternoon naps. In order to have a next level Airbnb, it’s imperative that your furniture is as functional as possible for your space.

Form: What does it look like?

Now that you know what to purchase, you have to take some time to figure out what it’s going to look like. Choosing furniture for your Airbnb may be a challenging task, but it really can transform your home into a stunning and rentable space. Your best bet? Invest in some quality pieces that are sturdy yet sleek.

Your ideal Airbnb furniture purchase is one with the following characteristics:


No matter the style, you can always tell if something is high quality. A high-quality investment will also stand up to the time test. Investing in a good piece now will pay off later.


A massive glass table top or a crystal chandelier may not be the best purchase for a busy Airbnb rental. When making furniture purchases, think about choosing pieces that can stand up to everyone they encounter.

Easy to clean

Remember the faster your rental is cleaned, the sooner it can be rented again. Try to purchase items that can be cleaned easily or don’t require any particular cleaning protocol.

The same color scheme as your other recent purchases- If you’re an Airbnb interior design beginner, start by keeping all of your furniture about the same color. If you feel like the room looks boring after you’re done, simply add pops of color in your decorations.

Just remember

The investment is worth it. People are primarily choosing your place based on pictures so furnishing your entire Airbnb with outdated hand-me-downs will never be the best option.

Pro tip

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Still stumped? Consider the following options for some more inspiration:

Pinterest- searching color pallets, fun DIY projects, and Airbnb staging ideas can help get your creative juices flowing.

Instagram – following interior designers and furniture makers can help you keep a pulse on what’s trending.

Other Airbnb hosts – Do some searching around other Airbnb hosts to see what they’re doing to make their spaces shine.

Have fun furniture shopping for your Airbnb!