Running An Airbnb Business

Five tips for running an Airbnb business

Running an Airbnb business takes hard work. Learn some tips here.

When running an Airbnb business every little bit of extra effort helps. After all, there are over a million Airbnb listings all over the world! With that much competition, you need to make sure you’re doing everything that you can to have the upper hand on the competition. So what can you do to make running an Airbnb business as efficient as possible?

Make a good first impression:

Everyone agrees that first impressions are crucial. Especially when you’re running an Airbnb business. So, when setting up your profile, do so with a good first impression in mind. It’s one of the first things that a guest will see. Choose a clear picture of you that makes you look welcoming and complete your Airbnb profile in full. Avoid spelling errors and make sure you let your personality shine through.

Respond Quickly:

One of the ways that Airbnb ranks properties is by the speed that hosts respond to messages. In other words, the faster you respond to messages, the higher your listing will come up on searches. As everyone knows, very few people look past the first or second page of searches, so this metric is the key. When running a successful Airbnb business, responding to messages quickly is very important.

Pro tip: Use Hosty’s Auto Message and Saved Message features to make your communication more efficient.

Make the key drop off a breeze:

After traveling all day, the last thing a guest wants is to wait around to get a key to your rental. An excellent way to be one the best hosts around is to make the check-in process as simple as possible. Consider investing in a smart lock or lockbox so you don’t have to coordinate a key drop off and guests can just access the property with a code the moment they arrive.

Customize the experience:

You need to stand out in order to be seen. So, when running an Airbnb business, you need to ask yourself: What’s unique about me and my rental? Taking the time to understand your advantages and properly articulating them to your guests is important.This simple exercise will show your guests why the chose you. That little extra effort is worth it.

Details make the difference:

Sure, you need to make certain you have enough towels for guests, but when running an Airbnb business you may have to think deeper than that. Adding some details is a great way to keep guests extra happy. Make sure your home is stocked with some board games, essential kitchen equipment, your favorite books, and even backyard games. Guests choose Airbnb to stay somewhere that feels like home so a few extra touches will provide them with just that feeling.

One last tip? Use Hosty! We’re the professional Airbnb vacation management software that makes running your Airbnb business simple and easy. Our useful features like Booking Management System and Multi Calendar will make it a breeze for you to rise above the competition.