Vacation Rental Description

How to write vacation rental description that get you more rentals.

First impressions are everything. Whether meeting someone for the first time, interviewing for a new job or searching for a vacation rental property, first impression matters. They’re not always easy to put together either. Making a first impression takes care, diligence and a little work, especially when you’re making a first impression for your vacation rental property. Writing functional vacation rental description can convince potential guests that your property is the best one around. Coming up with some useful copy isn’t easy though and takes some time to master (for some additional help, check out our listing description post). Here at Hosty, we’re passionate about helping you succeed, so we’ve compiled some tips to make the writing process easier. Using these tips can help you become a great writer and can make your vacation rental description stand out from your competition.

Vacation rental description suggestions:

Write with intention

Take a sincere look at the descriptions that you’re using for your property. What do the words really mean? Do they convey what you’re trying to express? Stay away from boring descriptions like “nice” and “special” and overly dramatic ones like “breathtaking” and “superb.” If your descriptions are boring, it doesn’t create any excitement about your listing, and if they’re too flowery, it may make people think you’re untrustworthy. Stay in the middle of the road when it comes to descriptions. Also, make sure you avoid using the same word too many times, it causes repetition and can make your descriptions sound monotonous.

Use a thesaurus

Speaking of switching things up, utilizing a thesaurus when you’re writing your vacation rental descriptions is the key. It’s a great way to make sure you aren’t using the same words more than a few times in each of your descriptions all while keeping your writing varied, exciting, and interesting. This practice will also help you strengthen your vacation rental SEO power. Having a listing with strong vocabulary will increase your visibility as your descriptions will have more searchable keywords.

Don’t use hyperbole

Is your space really great place for everyone? Will it really knock my socks off? Do I NEED to see it for myself? Using hyperbole, or extreme overstatements to make a point are a no-no when writing vacation rental descriptions. These statements feel watered down, inauthentic, and more like you’re a used car salesmen and not a rental property manager. Instead of over inflating your language, speak clearly and simply.  It will show potential guests that you’re transparent, trustworthy and sensible.  Get people excited about your property, but make sure not to use descriptions that are over the top as they simply aren’t effective.

Using these tips and a little creativity can make your vacation rental listing descriptions stand out from the rest. After you’ve mastered this task, try out Hosty to make your business even better. Hosty’s professional vacation rental management software will help you to streamline your tasks, organize your rental listings and make communication simple and effective. What more could you ask for?