Airbnb Amenities

Top 5 Commonly Missed Items In Airbnb Rentals 

Packing for your flight is a true hassle. Everyone goes through it and the whole ordeal gets way worse when you are in a hurry. As an Airbnb host, it is your cordial responsibility to make your guests feel as comfortable as possible. That can be done with the help of your Airbnb amenities, however, adding in an array of additional items your guest may have forgotten to pack, will ‘up the ante’ of ensuring a great review. Guest forgotten items are a common dilemma among many traveling bodies who mostly have to fly here and there on short notice. Providing these items to your guests will only increase your ratings and their satisfaction with your service… so why not? Below are some ideas of what you can have available at all times. 


Who doesn’t forget to pack toiletries? Whether it is a toothbrush, tissue paper, wipes or women’s sanitary items, there is always a missing jigsaw puzzle piece in everyone’s toiletry bag. So, you know what to do. Before your guests’ check-in, stack up the bathroom cupboards with spare toiletries and alert them in advance for ultimate customer satisfaction. 

First Aid Kit

Scratches, bruises, slips, tumbles downstairs…accidents happen all the time. But no one actually considers a first aid kit as a necessary item while packing. So, keep in mind if your guests accidentally stub their toe or burn themselves in YOUR property, make sure you have plenty of Airbnb amenities at hand for them. 

Phone Chargers

Good Lord! These blasted things always never show up in our travel suitcases when we need them. Always provide your guests with a spare Android and Apple cable in their bedrooms so they can immediately charge up their phones after their long flight and journey. Make sure you have a universal adapter from some good hosting kits as well with the charger because they might want to take the cable on the go with them. 

Language Guide

For strangers to step foot in a foreign country it is quite challenging and daunting. Remember to leave a language guide for your guests in the living room or a small dictionary in their bedroom. Even though everything can be done via smartphone these days, your guests could be old school. Who knows? 

Best Map

The best of all the Airbnb amenities is a map of the city that shows the best spots for dining, entertaining, drinking, sightseeing and much more. This sort of thing is deemed to be a part of the good hosting kits. It plays a vital role in helping your guests understand the city and make the most out of their stay. And if they have a great time in the city and in your Airbnb, then you are bound to receive a great rating since you are the one who assisted them. Most experienced hosts who know their city well enough will take out the time to custom design their own map as well as walk their guests through the whole thing…for effect! 

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