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What Airbnb Amenities You Must Have

For a perfect customer experience, a host needs to provide the services and supplies without any complications. A successful and guest-filled Airbnb requires good-quality amenities. 

Generally, there are a vast amount of supplies that can be used during a stay according to the site of the Airbnb, the guest, the weather, etc. To meet the expectations of a guest, you need to understand what type of guest you’re welcoming, whether it’s a couple, a family with children, a business person, a traveler, or a tourist. Keeping that in mind, choosing amenities for the guest will be easier. 

Supplies for an Airbnb can be divided into three types: one is essential items that are the same for everyone out there, like clean towels, bedding sets, toilet paper, soap, basic kitchen supplies, etc., and then there are the attractive products that you can install on Airbnb. Those are the microwave, small refrigerator, welcome package, etc., and the third one is the thoughtful one, like a coffee setup, pet-friendly space, indoor game equipment, some refreshments, etc.

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Basic but important supplies for Airbnb

We don’t keep an eye on the basics, and most of the time those essential items don’t make us feel good, but when the basics are missing, we feel the emptiness and act like it’s a big deal, wondering why it’s not here, how it’s basic, how they could provide such a basic need for a person, being irresponsible and all. 

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So, in short, essential items don’t attract guests, but if those essential items are not present, that will impact the guest badly. So the basics are important. 

To feel at home, a guest needs a fully furnished bathroom, a comfortable bedroom, a kitchen to keep their stomachs calm, a living room to enjoy their coffee or tea, and some extras to force them to come back. 

The basics that we need are: Firstly, after reaching the property, the guest would find some space to park their automobiles, so there should be a parking space. Then after entering, during check-in, there is no need for any basic amenities, but if there were a welcome package or a flower to welcome guests or some cheap welcome note, it would be better. After reaching the room, they would find the lightning and air conditioning facilities, which should be maintained according to the weather. 

After all of this, there should be some fundamental items, like:

  • In the bedroom; the Bedroom should be as comfy as it could be and it is the place where most people spend more time. So this place should have linens for each guest’s bed, pillows, bottled water, extra blankets, an a/c or a fan, a bedside table, a reading lamp, tissues, a safe to store valuables and clothing, etc.
  • In the bathroom, there should be at least two bath towels and bathrobes, a mirror, toilet paper rolls, soaps, shampoo, a dustbin, a bath mat, a hot water service, a shower, a towel bar, toothpaste, etc. Adding plants to the bathroom makes it feel liveable and fresh. Indoor plants don’t need much care; they only need water on some days. 
  • In the kitchen, basic hygiene can be expected from every Airbnb; it doesn’t matter how much you paid. Hygiene is important. But except for a coffee machine, an electric kettle, plates, glasses, cups, cutlery, a pan, a sandwich maker, a chopping board, dishwashing equipment, a kitchen towel, etc., these items will help a person feel like they are at home. 
  • In the living room, there are extra chairs and tables, a TV, fast and reliable wifi, a sanitizer, a contact book, etc. These are the basic amenities that anyone should get in an Airbnb. 
  • Besides the basic amenities of Airbnb, to provide the best possible service and get positive reviews, a host should provide equipment according to the guest’s needs.
  • For a couple, some couples want private space, and some love outdoor things, but who doesn’t like breakfast in bed, except for all the basics: Netflix, a hot tub, a flower pot, good lighting, candles, cards, etc. will work for couples. 
  • For a family with children, children are more playful, and they don’t care if something goes wrong. So if you’re accepting a family with children, try to equip easy-to-clean and strong items. Some basic items you can supply are indoor game equipment, some toys, more toiletries, enough bathrobes and towels, bunk beds (kids love bunk beds, so if you can install them, it’ll improve the occupancy rate), easy-to-clean sofas, kids books, drawing books, cards, puzzles, etc. 
  • For a businessman, A businessperson needs everything to be perfect. So check out every item to see whether it’s working or not. They do everything on time, so some essential items like iron, some sugar and coffee pouches, a dryer, hangers, a laptop-friendly space, a work desk, traveling facilities if possible, some snacks, etc. will be perfect for them. 
  • A traveler can give you good reviews and more guests, so behave well with them. A guide map, a washing machine, a dresser, etc. will work for them. 

Few thoughtful touches for the property

Airbnb supplies

To add a special touch and to attract more guests, there are endless ways. But every amenity is not possible to install in a single property; it would be very costly. But those side attractions are the ones that fascinate customers. 

Welcome package: welcome gifts and packages are a great way to allure your guests. It could be a complete package of dry fruits, wine, coffee sets, snack packages, or anything; you can get the idea of packages from Pinterest. Gifts could be famous local things like a photo frame, statue, drawing, plant, gift card, bottle, etc. 

  • Swimming pool: no one uses pools in winter, so the pool is a single-weather amenity, and maintaining a pool is hard, so think twice before installation. Pools attract people because most Airbnbs don’t have them. 
  • Bathtubs: the tub is a considerable item. Because it doesn’t need that much care after installation, like a swimming pool, A bathtub in a bathroom has a different charm. More couples and businesspeople will gravitate towards it. 
  • Complimentary breakfast: like I said before, who doesn’t like breakfast in bed? A complimentary breakfast will be a great solution to making people stay one more morning. Breakfast does not need to be fancy, but a good breakfast will make everyone happy. 
  • Coffee setup: A coffee setup is like therapy: the more aesthetic the setup is, the more guests you get. The coffee setup doesn’t need more items. It’s easy to install and easy to maintain. This is a perfect example of investing less and getting more benefits in return. 
  • Indoor fireplace: indoor fireplaces are clumsy, but they’re beautiful. In winter, it’ll help a lot to get more people. 
  • According to the price, you can get some spa or massage facilities. Bluetooth speaker, books, magazines, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, body soap, shower gel, laundry items, sewing kit, sunscreen, etc. 
  • Pet-friendly space: Lots of people have pets, and they want to travel with their pets, but for some reason, they can’t. So don’t be reason to avoid a pet-loving guest. A pet-friendly place will be best. You can add some pots for the pet and some rugs. 

To get more guests, turn on the instant booking facility, and offer good and attractive amenities. Canceling reservations is not an option, respond in no time, pay according to facilities, and be polite to everyone. 

Lastly, according to the site of the property, you can add equipment. If your property is on a beach, then keep a flower crown, hat, and outdoor setup to enjoy the sunset and sunrise, and a bonfire will cost you nothing. Then in mountain areas, a guide map is a must. Besides that, you can provide your guest with a paid guide or some contacts that they can use. If you have a big lawn or a good amount of space to play some outdoor games or sit and sip a cup of tea, then you can have some game equipment and a setup for tea, coffee, and snacks.

Protect your guests and furnish amenities

Not all items need to be laid out. If you can’t protect something from damage, then there is no benefit to installing everything. Protecting amenities and guests is the most important thing. So there should be some important equipment like a fire alarm, a smoke alarm, and a carbon monoxide alarm to avoid any bad things from happening, but what if it just happened in no time? Then there should be a fire extinguisher, a first aid kit, local numbers, an emergency exit, etc. And for amenities, there should be some trained person to take care of the things.

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Trust is important in the case of Airbnb, so gain it through polite behavior and genuine nature and get more positive reviews and profits.