Airbnb Host Tools

Let’s get serious: Essential Airbnb Host Tools

Adding these essential tools for Airbnb hosts are the best way to work smarter and not harder. Maybe you’ve been hosting on Airbnb for a while now, and you’re ready to up your game. Maybe you’re just beginning, and you’re looking for ways to be the best right from the start. No matter what your motivation, finding ways to make your business run more efficiently is a fantastic idea. Utilizing these Airbnb essentials can lead to more bookings, higher profits and more satisfied guests.

Some essential Airbnb Host Tools and Tips:

Airbnb Welcome Sheet:

Save time and create a hotel-like atmosphere by providing your guests with a comprehensive welcome sheet to get them acquainted with your property. You don’t need to show them everything about your property. Instead simply provide them with the information so they can learn the ins and outs themselves. Ideally, if you have the capabilities to do this via video, you can create a visual welcome sheet that you can share with every Airbnb guest.

Airbnb Turnover Checklist:

When the time comes to clean your home for the next guest, a written plan will make the process seamless. An Airbnb turnover checklist can help you make sure you didn’t forget any important aspects of your turnover process. It also helps to ease your mind when you’re not the one doing the cleaning. If you have a colleague or a cleaning team taking care of your booking turnover, having a comprehensive to-do list will make it simple for them to make your property spotless and ready for the next guest.

Airbnb Inventory List:

Creating an inventory list of your home’s essential amenities (bath towels, extra blankets, toilet paper etc.) serves two purposes. First, it helps you or your cleaning crew know what needs to be restocked. Second, it helps you notice if a previous guest took a souvenir towel or guide book home with them. Having a complete inventory list is a great way to streamline your turnover procedure. It also prevents an angry call or bad review when you didn’t provide enough towels to make it through a guest’s stay.

The best advice around:

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