The Definitive Guide to Navigating Airbnb Income Taxation in Paris

The Definitive Guide to Navigating Airbnb Income Taxation in Paris

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In the vibrant city of Paris, Airbnb has emerged as a lucrative income avenue for many homeowners. However, understanding the taxation system for these earnings is crucial to maximizing profit and complying with the law. This comprehensive guide serves to elucidate the intricacies of Airbnb income taxation in Paris.

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Understanding Your Obligations

Airbnb earnings in Paris are subject to various tax obligations. As a host, you must be aware of these to avoid penalties and maximize your income. These obligations include income tax, social contributions, and, in some cases, business tax.

Income Tax on Airbnb Earnings

The first step in understanding the taxation of your Airbnb earnings in Paris is knowing that these earnings are considered taxable income. They are categorized under Bénéfices Industriels et Commerciaux (BIC) or Industrial and Commercial profits. The tax rate varies based on your overall income, ranging from 0% to 45%.

Social Contributions

The Definitive Guide to Navigating Airbnb Income Taxation in Paris

Social contributions are an integral part of the French tax system. These contributions fund various social security benefits. For Airbnb earnings, the social contributions amount to 17.2% of the income.

Business Tax

Business tax, known as Cotisation Foncière des Entreprises (CFE), applies to Airbnb hosts who rent their property for more than 120 days a year. This tax is calculated based on the rental value of the property.

VAT Considerations

If you’re providing short-term accommodation in France, you might wonder whether you need to collect any VAT from your guests. Hosts renting out accommodation through platforms are recognized as businesses for VAT purposes. However, typically, the rental of accommodation is exempt from VAT, meaning no VAT is due.

The exception arises when the accommodation is rented out with at least three of the following services, akin to hotel-type conditions or “régime para hôtelier”:

  • Breakfast
  • Cleaning
  • Supply of linen
  • Reception services

If you’re offering accommodation in France and meet these criteria, you may be required to register for VAT in France. However, this does not apply if you’re a “small undertaking”, meaning your turnover does not surpass the relevant threshold defined in the French Tax Code. 

For non-residents in France who offer accommodation within the country, it is important to note that you should register for VAT in any case, as no threshold applies to you.

Navigating Tax Deductions

One of the significant aspects of Airbnb income taxation is tax deductions. The French tax system allows hosts to deduct certain expenses related to their Airbnb activity. These deductions significantly reduce taxable income, leading to increased net earnings.

The Definitive Guide to Navigating Airbnb Income Taxation in Paris

Micro-BIC Scheme

For hosts earning less than €72,600 annually from their Airbnb activity, the Micro-BIC scheme is an ideal option. This scheme automatically grants a 50% deduction on your Airbnb earnings for expenses. However, no further expense claims can be made under this scheme.

Real BIC Scheme

For hosts earning more than €72,600 annually or those who have significant deductible expenses, the Real BIC scheme is a better choice. Under this scheme, you can deduct all proven expenses related to your Airbnb activity. These include renovation costs, property taxes, insurance, and even depreciation of the property.

Filing Your Tax Returns

The final step is accurately filing your tax returns. The Airbnb income must be declared on your annual tax return under the BIC category. The Micro-BIC earnings are reported in section 5ND, while the Real BIC earnings go in section 5NG to 5NL.

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Navigating the taxation of Airbnb earnings in Paris can seem daunting. However, with this comprehensive guide, we hope to have simplified the process. Remember, understanding your obligations, maximizing your deductions, and accurately filing your tax returns are key to making the most of your Airbnb earnings in Paris.

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