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Is Airbnb Safe for Hosts?

When venturing into the short-term rental market, most people fantasize over the positives; the profit that can be earned, the experiences that can be gained and the wonderful people you can meet top the list. But, when you’re opening your home up to complete strangers, there’s also a degree of anxiety and concern in a host’s mind.


Airbnb have thoroughly covered every aspect of their platform, though, including safety and security. So, whilst it’s impossible to guarantee things will go smoothly every single time, there are a number of safeguarding measures in place to protect the wellbeing of hosts. Of course, some are naturally more reactive, and others are more preventative, but they all have the same goal.

Anyway, let’s take a look at some of the mechanisms that Airbnb have in place…


Verified IDs

A brilliant feature of the Airbnb platform is Verified IDs. If you’re a host that desires more assurance over who you’re inviting into your home, keep an eye out for the Verified ID badge on their profile. Why? Because that means they would have provided a passport, connected a social media account or confirmed a real phone number, all of which add credibility to their identity.


Security Deposit

As a host, you have the power to attach a security deposit to your listing. You have full freedom over how high you set the deposit, and what damages would activate that deposit. The security deposit is agreed before the booking is placed and held separately so that the guest doesn’t directly pay it straight away. If they break the agreement, you can claim on the deposit. If you want to learn more, check out this post.


Host Guarantee

Every booking on Airbnb is automatically protected by the Host Guarantee for free; no questions asked. That means your property will be guarded by $1,000,000 worth of cover in case a guest causes significant damage to your possessions or property. It may have a strict claims procedure, but if something genuinely malicious has been carried out, you will be protected.


Customer Hotline

Alongside the array of security mechanisms that Airbnb have developed, they also have a responsive 24-hour hotline in various destinations around the world. So, if you have an emergency, don’t hesitate to dial the number and speak to customer support.


It may not be considered a designated security measure, but it does help hosts learn more about the way someone acts as a guest. If a guest’s profile is jam-packed with five-star reviews, it would suggest they’re a friendly, lovely person to deal with.