Best Airbnb cities France

The Best Cities for Airbnb in France

Choosing the location is one of the key parts of preparing to start an Airbnb business. Even in the same country, different areas might have dramatically varying market conditions, which has an impact on the financial results of all hosts there. Today, we will have an overview of the twenty best cities in France for short-term rental investments.

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The most profitable Airbnb cities in France

La Rochelle$1,350

20 Best Cities

For each city, we will analyze its key benefits as well as some vital metrics. Average Daily Rate, Occupancy Rate, and Revenues will help us understand the general market conditions in each specific city, while the information about active rentals will be useful for estimating the levels of competition there.


Ramatuelle is a prestigious location in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. It is considered a luxury resort, and the Average Daily Rate corresponds to this status. The annual average ADR here is $341, however, it varies between $270 and $465 throughout the year, reaching its peak in December. The Occupancy Rate averages 63%, while the annual average Revenue here is $3,840 per month.

As for the competition, it is not really intense here. In total, there are only around 460 active rentals, which on average have three bedrooms and can accept up to seven guests at a time. Only 60% of local properties are exclusively listed on Airbnb, while 26% of rentals are available only on VRBO.


Airbnb Saint-Tropez

This is another luxury resort, located on the shores of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. The Average Daily Rate here is comparable to the previous commune, as it averages $312 throughout the year. The median Occupancy Rate here is 57%, as it reaches its peak values in July and its lowest values in January. The median monthly Revenue is $3,630 here, a bit lower than in Ramatuelle.

The latter fact is related to the increased competition in the region. In Saint-Tropez, there are more than 950 active short-term rentals. The distribution between rental platforms is similar to Ramatuelle, as 63% of local listings are exclusively available on Airbnb. The main difference here is that the average property here has two bedrooms and is capable of receiving around five guests at a time.


Chamonix-Mont-Blanc is a resort for fans of skiing. It is located right next to the mountains and is more affordable than some other locations, making it appealing to tourists. The Average Daily Rate here is $168, while the Occupancy Rate is 55%. It is important to keep in mind that the popularity of Chamonix-Mont-Blanc is seasonal, peaking during the winter months and reaching its lowest during summer. 

The median monthly revenue here is $1,986, but it may reach up to $3,300 in winter. The competition here is not as intense as in some other cities and communes. In total, there are around 3,300 active rentals, half of which are exclusively listed on Airbnb.


Airbnb Cannes

Home to the worldwide-known film festival, Cannes is an extremely popular location among tourists. A new host will have to compete with around 9,000 other listings in the area. At the same time, the business here is subject to seasonality, as it is most popular in summer and gets very few visitors in winter. The Average Daily Rate is $170 in Cannes, while the median Occupancy Rate is only 48%. The Revenues, however, are comparable to some other regions, as they are around $1,720 per month.


This is a city located right beside the beautiful Lac d’Annecy lake. It is a relatively affordable area for visitors, as the Average Daily Rate here is $123. The median Occupancy Rate is 68%, while the Revenue averages $1,907 per month.

The business here is also quite seasonal, as the city accepts the most guests in summer. In total, there are around 2,400 active short-term rentals here, most of which have one bedroom and are capable of accepting up to four people.


Airbnb Bordeaux

Bordeaux is another popular summer destination in France. The parameters are quite similar to Annecy, as the ADR here is $115 and the average Occupancy Rate is 73%. The hosts’ revenues in Bordeaux average $1,710 per month. Lower revenues are related to the increased competition, as there are more than 4,000 active listings here. One of the major benefits is the close proximity to the Bordeaux Airport, meaning the guests spend less time reaching the properties.


Airbnb Nice

The situation with Nice is rather interesting. It is more competitive than the previous regions, as there are more than 9,300 active listings here. This pushes local hosts to reduce the Average Daily Rate to $118, but the popularity of Nice compensates for it. The Occupancy Rates here are higher than in many other regions, as they average 74% throughout the year. This allows local revenues to remain decent, as they are around $1,650 per month.


This city is located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and is far less competitive than some other locations on this list. There are around 3,400 active Airbnbs here, and similar to Bordeaux, there is an airport that allows visitors to quickly get to their rentals. The Average Daily Rate here is $140 throughout the year, while the Occupancy Rate is 63%. In addition to that, the Revenues of local hosts are around $1,700 per month, making it a nice choice for new entrants.


Airbnb Strasbourg

In terms of metrics, Strasbourg is extremely similar to Lyon. The cities share the same Average Daily Rate of $100, while the median Occupancy Rate of Strasbourg is only 1% higher than the one of Lyon, as it is 75%. The revenues in Strasbourg are also around $1,550 per month. The main difference from the host’s perspective is the number of active listings: in this city, there are only 2,000 other properties you will need to compete against.


In Colmar, there are only around 1,100 active Airbnbs, making it one of the less competitive areas on our list. The median ADR here is $110, while the Occupancy Rates average 63% throughout the year. The average Revenue the hosts receive here is $1,500 per month. The location is not as popular in spring, but the performance of Airbnbs in December balances the situation and makes it a viable location for hosts.


Airbnb Lyon

The short-term rental market in Lyon is smaller than the one in Nice, but the revenues are almost the same. Here, a newcomer will have to compete against around 5,000 other listings with an Average Daily Rate of $100. The positive aspect of conducting business in Lyon relates to local Occupancy Rates which average 74%, allowing local hosts to receive revenues of around $1,550 per month.

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This is another resort that appeals to hosts who wish to launch their first Airbnb. Even though there are 2,800 active rentals here, the area is huge, allowing you to find a perfect place with fewer competitors around. The ADR here is $107, while the Occupancy Rate is 73%. This results in a median Revenue of $1,500 per month, making it a good option for an investment.


Located on the shores of la Manche, Saint-Malo is a popular summer resort. Even though the Occupancy Rates drop from 90% in August to 33% in January, the Average Daily Rate remains almost the same, averaging $105 throughout the year. The revenue here is also $1,500 per month, while there are around 2,300 other rentals active in this area.


Airbnb Marseille

Being one of the largest cities in France, Marseille is also home to more than 10,000 short-term rentals. The city is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, making it appealing to tourists in summer. However, the city also has lots of other tourist attractions available throughout the year, decreasing the Occupancy Rate drops in winter.

The ADR here is $98, thanks to the intense competition. Thankfully, the constant flow of tourists allows hosts in Marseille to benefit from a median Occupancy Rate of 71%, while the median Revenue is $1,400 here.

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In contrast to all the previous areas we have reviewed, Ajaccio is not located on the mainland. It is a relatively small area on Corsica island, making it a perfect summer destination for tourists. There are around 2,100 active rentals here, most of which are capable of accepting up to four guests.

The Average Daily Rate is $111, while the Occupancy Rate drops from 87% in August to 27% in January. The median Revenue is also around $1,500 per month here, reaching its peak of $2,450 in August and its lowest value of $630 in February.


After reviewing so many summer regions, it is time to move to Lille, which is relevant in any month of the year. The city is a great choice for hosts who do not wish to struggle through intense competition, as there are only around 1,900 active rentals here.

Unfortunately, the Average Daily Rate in Lille is only $88, but the good news is that there is almost no deviation throughout the year. The Occupancy Rate here averages 72%, allowing for a stable revenue of $1,400 per month.


Located on the East of Nice and Monaco, Menton is a small area with access to the sea. Even though the Revenues here are lower than in some other regions, as they average $1,370 per month, it also appeals to hosts who are not willing to face lots of competitors. There are only 1,300 active Airbnbs in Menton, while the Average Daily Rate is $114. The Occupancy Rate is subject to strong seasonality, as it drops from 87% in August to only 29% in January.

La Rochelle

Airbnb La Rochelle

La Rochelle is another coastal city in France. It is a bit more competitive than the previous regions, as there are around 4,300 active short-term rentals in this city. The ADR here is $100. Combined with a median Occupancy Rate of 67%, it allows local hosts to receive Revenues of $1,350 per month.


Nantes is the last city on our list, as the average Revenue here is only $1,250 per month. However, properties here are cheaper than in some other regions of France, creating enough space for profitable investments. There are only around 2,200 active rentals here, while the Occupancy Rate is relatively stable, averaging 77%. The Average Daily Rate here is only $82, as the city is not as popular among tourists, but it faces almost no deviation throughout the year.


Airbnb Paris

As you might expect, Paris is a much more desirable tourist destination than any other city in France. It is not exactly luxury, as it appeals to almost all groups of tourists. It is also larger than most other cities and communes, so there is no surprise there are more properties here. (Explore The Best Neighborhoods to Host an Airbnb in Paris.) In total, there are around 33,000 active listings, 86% of which are exclusively available on Airbnb. Another expected fact is that the properties tend to be smaller here: the average rental in Paris only has one bedroom and accepts around three guests.

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Due to the increased competition, the financial metrics are quite different here as well. The median Average Daily Rate is $154, though the deviation is minimal throughout the year, as Paris is a popular destination in any season. The same applies to the Occupancy Rate: it averages 79%, and the deviation is not so strong. The median Revenue in Paris is $2,199 per month.
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