Airbnb Titles

How to create catchy Airbnb titles that will increase the number of bookings?

Airbnb titles determine whether your potential guest will click on your listing or not. If the guests find your title unattractive, they will just skip your listing. For increasing your number of bookings it is essential to attract more guests and for attracting more guests, you need an effective Airbnb title. A potential guest first notices the Airbnb titles and then considers booking the property.

The quality of images and description used is useless until a guest opens Airbnb listing. You have to first persuade conversion and then worry about the other things. 

Airbnb titles are the opportunity to establish your first impression. Your aim is to appeal to the traveler and influence them to click on the listing. You have to find the perfect Airbnb title that describes your property impeccably and attracts your potential guests.

Airbnb titles are crucial for your short-term rental business. In order to increase your bookings, you need to create more conversions, and to create conversion you need to frame  suitable Airbnb titles. If you know the right technique, then it’s pretty simple to find the right title. Let’s find out the secret behind the best Airbnb titles.

What to include in Airbnb titles?

Before framing the final Airbnb title, you should note down the important points to mention in it. The Airbnb title is your listing’s face and you need to include all the essential features in it. Numerous aspects combine together to form an attractive and informative Airbnb title. For now, you have to focus on informing your guests. The more you inform them through the title the more they are intrigued to open the listing.

USP- Unique selling proposition

One of the functions of Airbnb titles is to help your listing stand out from the crowd. If you want to attract your potential guests through uniqueness, then do mention your unique selling proposition. A guest has numerous options while deciding on an Airbnb property. You have to convince your guests that you are better than the rest and will provide them a unique experience. Use the Airbnb title to tell your guest why they should select you over the others.

Include your unique features and plans for enhancing the guest experience in your Airbnb title. In order to create an irresistible Airbnb title, you must mention your USP. 

Your guests’ favorites

An attractive Airbnb title is crisp and clear. You should be able to convey the direct and loud message to your potential guests. If you ignore the main needs of your target customers, then you are just using a vague and unattractive Airbnb title. It is essential to define your target guest group before finalizing the title.

Once you know whom you want to attract and what their preferences are then you can create a winning Airbnb title. For example, if you are listing a beach house, you should mention ‘family-friendly’ in your Airbnb title. Or if you are looking forward to entertaining business travelers then you should mention how quiet and comfortable your place is. When people find some of their needs directly addressed in the Airbnb Titles, they tend to click on them instantly.

Available Space

Remember to mention the available space in your property. You have to inform your potential guests about all you can offer in just 50 characters. Space in your property is a very important factor in their decision-making process. If they will find your Airbnb title informative and suitable for their purpose, they will definitely check out your listing.

Different Airbnb target groups prefer different Airbnb spaces. Since you already know your target group you should use the space information to attract their attention. For example, if your property is a 5-bedroom house then mention ‘a family-friendly 5-bedroom house’.

Local Wonders

Generally, your potential guests are not only interested in your property, but also your location. If you include your local attractions in the title, then they will be intrigued to know more about the location. Sometimes people just check Airbnb without deciding their destination. If you mention the local attractions in your title, then it may lure them to your listing.

Showcasing your neighborhood is a brilliant way to attract travelers. Exploration is an integral part of traveling and a title including both the property’s USP and the regional attractions will cause numerous conversions.


Almost every Airbnb listing claims to provide a personalized experience and comfortable stay. Thus, the guests are interested only in the ones that highlight something new. Including information about the ongoing events in your region is a very smart step to attract the target guests group.

Providing information about local events is impressive. It could be a small regional festival or an extravagant annual celebration. These small bits of information add value to your listing and appeals to the guests. Including local events in your Airbnb titles also convey the idea that you are aware of your locality and will help the guests to make the best out of their trip. Guests love to book with the hosts who could guide them.

How to frame Airbnb Titles?

Now you know the important aspects to include in your Airbnb title. So, let’s find out how to incorporate them in order to frame a catchy and suitable title. Airbnb allows you to write only 50 characters. It is essential to invest your time and effort in arranging all the elements eloquently.

An image is composed of numerous elements, but you find them attractive due to their wise composition. Similarly, you have to wisely compose your Airbnb title so that they attract people and cause conversions. After noting down all the important elements, you have to find a way to adjust them in 50 characters. 

Use universal abbreviations

You have to inform more in fewer words. Airbnb gives you only 50 characters to portray your property. It is indeed a difficult task, but it could be easily done using universal abbreviations. Instead of wasting the scares characters in words like ‘with’ you can use their abbreviations ‘w/’. Congratulations! You just saved 3 important characters. If you will replace the general words with their well-known abbreviations, then you will successfully inform more in just 50 characters. Some common Airbnb titles’ abbreviations are listed below –

Central business districtCBD
And& or +
Air conditionerAC

Insert emojis instead of a word

Another way to save characters is to replace words with emojis. For example, if you want to promise a joyful experience then you can use a celebration emoji. However, if not done properly then inserting emojis could backfire. Airbnb titles should be clear and concise. You should not use emojis with numerous meanings and diverse interpretations. Use common and direct emojis such as heart or smiley face.

You have to attract guests and not confuse them. Using vague emojis will leave a bad impression on the potential guests and they might just ignore your listing. Also, don’t use too many emojis. If you stuff your Airbnb titles with emojis then they appear unprofessional and unpleasant.

Mention your USP using unique and attractive terms

‘Best 2-bedroom apartment’, ‘very comfortable house’, ‘most enjoyable cabinet’, ‘the very best beach house’, these are just a few examples of bad Airbnb titles found in abundance on the platform. You will find numerous Airbnb listings with the same kind of title using generic terms. Do you find them attractive or just monotonous?

You have to understand that you don’t have to tell the guest that you are the best, you have to tell them why you are the best. Using generic terms degrades the equality of Airbnb titles and kills the purpose of attracting guests. You should replace all the general words like best, very, and most with unique and attractive terms like luxurious, charismatic, soothing, and spacious. Anyone can claim that they are the best, but the guests will open only those listings that will just provide them the proof.

Adjectives are a must

While describing your features and USP support your claims with the help of adjectives. For example, if your property is located in the city and is well connected to the tourist spots then mention ‘extensive transport facilities’. Alike, emojis don’t stuff your Airbnb titles with adjectives. Use them naturally in order to grab the attention of your potential guest. Your guest may not be interested in a simple transport facility but the term extensive will lead them to open the listings.

Formulas for Airbnb Titles

There are few formulas that would help in you in framing attractive and beneficial Airbnb titles-

[Adjective] [Property Type] w/ [Top Features]Spacious 3BR w/ seaside view
[Adjective] [Property Type] Near [Landmark] – [Distance]
A charming cabinet near Taj mahal- 15 min walk
[Adjective] [Property Type] Perfect for [Experience Type]
Luxurious apartment perfect for business trips
Enjoy [Selling Point] at [Adjective]  [Property Type] in/at [Location]Enjoy a romantic weekend at cozy 1 BR in London


Personalize your Airbnb titles for your potential guests and use all the tips mentioned above to create conversions. It could be difficult to update your Airbnb titles from time to time, but it is necessary. You could use the integrated dashboard offered by Airbnb management software to help you out a little bit. Even if you manage multiple Airbnb accounts and listings you can easily access and edit your Airbnb titles from a single dashboard.