Vacation Rental Security

Vacation Rental Security Tips to keep your Airbnb guests safe and secure

Crucial Home Security Devices for Airbnb: Ensuring Guest Safety and Trust

Have you been thinking about upgrading your vacation rental’s security? If so, now is a perfect time to make it happen. A great vacation security system should make your guests feel at ease while making sure your property stays safe. Having a good security system in place shows your guests that you’re responsible and care about their safety. So what types of things should you consider when you’re looking into vacation rental security? Consider the following ways to keep your home and guests as safe as possible.

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Vacation Rental Security Tips

Be smart: It sounds silly, but being intelligent and proactive is the first step to security. Know your neighbors, close the curtains when no one is home, and check up on your property if it’s going to be vacant for a while. Also, orient your guests to your property with safety in mind. Show them where the fire extinguisher is, remind them to lock the doors at night and leave them phone numbers of local police and emergency services in case something goes wrong. These basic procedures are a great place to start when securing your home.

Look into purchasing a smart lock: Smart locks are a great tool to consider when looking into vacation rental security. These locks use a code to let users enter the property. You can change the codes for each guest, and some will even notify you via text message when a guest unlocks the property. Need some more information? Check out a recent post about smart locks

Add motion activated or timed lights

Generally, a basic vacation rental security tip is to always keep a light on to make it look like someone is home, even if they’re not. Unfortunately, burglars are getting smart and may get suspicious if one light is always on. A good workaround for this is investing in motion activated or timed lights. These lights respond to movement or turn on at a designated time to make it appear that there’s more activity in and around the house, even if there’s no-one inside. It’s a great upgrade that’s worth the price.

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Should I get a security camera in my rental property?

A question that a lot of Airbnb hosts ask is: Are security cameras in my rental properties necessary? It may be a fear that guests will find them intrusive and be worried that you’re watching them when they’re in the house. As long as you’re responsible adding cameras in your rental property, they’ll be a great addition to your overall security plan. Place them only by the doors or in common rooms and let you guests know about their locations. Remind the guests that the camera are there for their safety and are only monitored when the property isn’t rented to makes sure it is secure.

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