Airbnb Welcome Letter

Best Way To Write Awesome Airbnb Welcome Letter Or Email

The presentation is key! You have heard that a thousand times and that is because it is 100% true. How you choose to present your accommodation on the Airbnb website, truly determines the rate of positive responses you will receive. One of the most important aspects of booking out your residence is to prepare an Airbnb welcome letter or Airbnb welcome email for your guests. Either one works, depending on the service you’re providing and personal preference. Let’s get down to the basics

What Is An Airbnb Welcome Letter?

A guest welcome letter for Airbnb is highly important for your business because it shows your guests that you care about them and their wishes. Generally, an Airbnb welcome letter welcomes your guest to their new place of stay as well as provides them with some tips. The tips range from directing them to the best breakfast café or bar to a brief introduction to the house rules you have maintained at your place. Sometimes this letter can be replaced with an Airbnb welcome email, but that depends on your preference and timing decisions. 

When Should You Send It?

Many people like to send their Airbnb welcome email after the booking is confirmed so that the guests have time to read and comprehend all the content. It is advised that you do not postpone this too long. Most guests who are flying in or traveling by bus to your residence will not get a chance to thoroughly go through the letter or email you sent. Moreover, for good measure, you can keep a printed version of the Airbnb welcome letter at the house. This provides your guests with the perfect opportunity to go over everything one last time. 

Checklist for Airbnb Welcome Letter

Your welcome letter must be comprehensive yet brief. Informative yet not boring. There are key points that you must include in the guest welcome letter for Airbnb:

  • Detailed directions to the place they are heading to
  • House rules, whether alcohol, pets or parties are allowed, etc 
  • How they can contact the host
  • WiFi password and details 
  • Instructions on how to use appliances such as the oven, microwave, heating system/cooling system…etc
  • Details for check-in/out times

Tips for Writing the Best Welcome Letter

Being courteous, polite and welcoming goes a long way! Foreigners or newcomers to your country will feel out of place and it comes as a great relief to find locals who are hospitable and kind. 

Insider tips are also very much recommended seeing as you belong to the area and you know all about the best spots for dancing, clubbing, dining, shopping…etc. Leave in some good places for your guests to check out and you’ll be well on the way to becoming a great host or potentially a Superhost.

Upcoming events/concerts are also mentioned in the Airbnb welcome letter. Depending on whether you are housing youngsters or elderly people, mention the appropriate events. 
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