Vacation Home Security

Vacation home security considerations

A safe neighborhood, a well lit street, solid locks and lovely neighbors. You would think that this is all you need to keep your vacation home security on the top level. However, this isn’t always the case. Vacation homes are easily targeted by criminals because guests are always in and out, often leaving long gaps between check ins. Because of this, you as a host need to go above and beyond to make sure your vacation home is always safe and secure. Safety is always worth the extra diligence. Investing some time and thought into vacation home security is a great practice that will keep your home, your possessions, and your guests safe.

Practical tips for securing your vacation rental home

Keep it looking well-lived in:

An excellent way to keep your vacation rental home secure is to make it look like the house is active and guests are always there. Despite your hard work and wonderful rental rate, this isn’t always easy. Sometimes you don’t have bookings for the season, need to make updates or repairs on your property, or you may have to even decline a booking so your home is empty for sometime. The best way to make it look like your house is lived in during this time is to keep up on the chores. Make certain that the grass is always cut, landscaping is done, or snow is cleared from walkways. Also, consider keeping a light on and decorating according to the holidays. These things also make the house look beautiful for when your guests do arrive. The extra effort will pay off at the end.

Find a friend:

Having a friendly neighbour to keep an eye on the house is a wonderful way to help keep your vacation home safe and secure. Their knowledge of the neighbourhood and their willingness to let you know when something looks “off” is an incredible asset to have. Keep them happy by dropping off a small gift every once in awhile. Or offering them a free stay at one of your other vacation rental properties across town – their help is worth it.

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Don’t develop a pattern.

Do you always cut the grass on Wednesdays or clean on Sundays? Don’t. People looking to break into houses usually pay attention to patterns, so they know when home is empty. If you have a house that only gets rented seasonally and is vacant for a few months at a time, it’s best to vary the times that you check in on the property, so someone doesn’t notice a pattern. Your randomness will deter possible thieves as it will make it hard to predict when you’ll be around. It may seem like a small detail, but being aware of the little things is always a safe bet.

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