Decline Airbnb Reservations

How to properly decline Airbnb reservations

If you’re a vacation rental owner that likes to take booking requests over instant bookings, you might have to occasionally decline Airbnb reservations. It doesn’t matter if it’s because you’re a little overbooked, busy with other tasks, or you don’t have a good feeling about the potential guest. All hosts will have to give someone the bad news eventually. Below are some tips to make the process a bit easier.

Decline Airbnb Reservations

Be nice

First and foremost, be polite! Taking the time to craft a nice message is worth it. Thank the potential Airbnb guest for their inquiry and apologize for not having the property available at their requested time. If you feel that you need to give a reason for your refusal, do so, but keep it short and professional. Finally, offer for them to stay at your home at a later date, in case they’re coming back into town or have flexible travel dates. Two good examples are below:

“Thank you for contacting me about my property! Unfortunately, the dates you requested are unavailable. Please let me know if you have flexible travel dates or are coming into town again in the near future. I’d love to host you! “

“Thanks so much for contacting me about my rental. I’m unable to book this property during _______ because I’ll be out of town and won’t have the ability to clean the unit properly for your stay. I apologize for the inconvenience! Please consider me the next time you are in town!”

Offer suggestions

A great way to soften the blow if you have to decline Airbnb reservations is to suggest a different rental or rental location in your town. It’s a supremely helpful practice that people really appreciate. You can say something like:

“My rental isn’t available this week but check in the Oakland neighborhood. It has some great restaurants, and there’s even a street fair that week!”

“I’m not able to rent this week, but a friend of mine rents their property on 1313 Mockingbird Lane right down the street from mine, and it’s a gem! Check it out________(link)”

Pro tip: Save time by reusing your responses! Instead of typing out suggestions for other neighborhoods each time you decline a booking request, use Hosty’s SavedMessage feature to keep them all at your fingertips. Hosty is the professional Airbnb management software that works hard to save you time and keep your business running flawlessly.

Trust your instincts

Don’t rent to someone if a situation feels off. Trust your instincts. In these situations, a simple, polite message will get the point across without making you sound like the bad guy.

Pro tip: Don’t let the bad stuff happen to you. Read about how to prevent Airbnb Horror Stories.

Correctly declining Airbnb reservations is a great skill to learn as you progress in your business. Thankfully, there are tactful ways to decline Airbnb reservations that can actually get you more bookings down the line while keeping your property safe. Happy Hosting!