Top 5 Most Important Dates When Managing Airbnb in Lisbon

Top 5 Most Important Dates When Managing Airbnb in Lisbon

Introduction to Airbnb in Lisbon

Airbnb hosts in Lisbon benefit from the city’s vibrant tourism industry. Lisbon was the most visited Portuguese region by international travelers in 2022, having received a total of 5.4 million overnight visitors, many of whom opted for Airbnb accommodations.

Why Lisbon is a top destination for Airbnb

Lisbon, Portugal’s capital, entices tourists with its rich history, diverse culture, and beautiful coastline. The robust demand for accommodation creates a profitable market for Airbnb hosts.

Key Date 1: Lisbon’s High Season (June to August)

Top 5 Most Important Dates When Managing Airbnb in Lisbon

High season, from June to August, sees an influx of about 1.2 million tourists, making it a crucial time for Airbnb hosts.

Understanding the Significance of High Season

Lisbon experiences a large influx of visitors during the high season, which runs from June to August, drawn by the city’s exciting nightlife, stunning beaches, and well-known festivals. The highest occupancy rates of the year occur during this time, with August hitting a startling 100%. Such an influx of tourists presents an invaluable opportunity for Airbnb hosts, as the increased demand leads to more bookings and significantly higher revenues. It’s a golden window to maximize profit in the Airbnb hosting business.

Preparing your Airbnb for the High Season

Hosts should ensure their property is in top condition and provide amenities that cater to summer activities. Additionally, it’s advisable to adjust prices according to the spike in demand.

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Key Date 2: Christmas and New Year’s Eve (December to January)

Top 5 Most Important Dates When Managing Airbnb in Lisbon

The holiday season witnesses about a 10% surge in visitors, resulting in a busy period for Airbnb hosts.

Why the Holiday Season Matters for Airbnb

Even during the colder months, Lisbon’s city-wide holiday decorations and celebrations prove to be irresistible for many. According to statistics, the city experiences a 10% rise in tourists during the period from late December to early January, translating to an increase in Airbnb bookings. On average, an Airbnb host in Lisbon can expect occupancy rates to rise more than the average occupancy rate of 93% during the holiday season. These numbers serve as a testament to the fact that, despite the drop in temperature, Lisbon’s charm remains unfading.

Tips for optimizing Airbnb during the holiday season

To make the most of this season, hosts should enhance their property with festive decorations, offer holiday-themed amenities, and update their listings to reflect the seasonal spirit.

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Key Date 3: Lisbon Film Festival (November)

Top 5 Most Important Dates When Managing Airbnb in Lisbon

The Lisbon Film Festival, held annually in November, attracts over 20,000 film enthusiasts and professionals from around the globe. This surge in the city’s population drives up the demand for Airbnb rentals. Based on historical data, Airbnb hosts can expect a 15% increase in bookings during this time, making the Film Festival period a vital season to plan for.

The impact of cultural events on Airbnb demand

During the Film Festival, there’s a surge in the need for conveniently located and comfortable accommodations, which becomes an excellent opportunity for Airbnb hosts. The proximity to festival venues, availability of amenities, and overall comfort of the accommodations play a significant role in attracting festival-goers. In past years, properties located within a 10-minute walk of major festival venues experienced occupancy rates of up to 98%, demonstrating the potential for hosts to significantly boost their revenues during the Lisbon Film Festival.

Catering to the Airbnb crowd during the Film Festival

Hosts can appeal to festival-goers by providing a guide to festival venues, promoting easy transport links, and highlighting quiet spaces for script reading.

Key Date 4: Carnival of Lisbon (February)

Top 5 Most Important Dates When Managing Airbnb in Lisbon

The Carnival of Lisbon, an event that attracts around 50,000 visitors, presents another excellent opportunity for Airbnb hosts.

Capturing the Carnival rush

The Carnival crowd, known for its vibrancy and love for cultural festivities, significantly increases the demand for Airbnb accommodations. As per historical data, the average occupancy rate for Airbnb accommodations in Lisbon during Carnival can reach up to 95%. Also, hosts who offer amenities tailored to the Carnival-goers, such as costume storage or transport information for parade routes, have observed an additional increase in bookings. This clearly indicates the financial opportunities that the Carnival of Lisbon can provide to well-prepared Airbnb hosts.

How to stand out during the Carnival season

To attract more bookings, hosts can emphasize their property’s proximity to Carnival events and include festive touches in their decor.

Key Date 5: Lisbon Fashion Week (March and October)

Top 5 Most Important Dates When Managing Airbnb in Lisbon

Lisbon Fashion Week, held twice a year in March and October, draws in approximately 15,000 visitors from the global fashion industry, including designers, models, influencers, and avid fashion followers. This influx of visitors leads to an increase in Airbnb bookings during these periods.

Why fashion week matters for Airbnb Hosts

Fashion Week attracts a sophisticated, international crowd seeking stylish and comfortable accommodations. As a host, this event presents a unique opportunity to cater to this niche market. Airbnb hosts have reported up to 20% higher rates during Fashion Week due to the increased demand for high-quality, aesthetically pleasing accommodations.

Ensuring your Airbnb is fashion-ready

To appeal to the fashion-conscious crowd, hosts should emphasize chic décor, proximity to event venues, and upscale amenities in their listings. Airbnb hosts who adapt their offerings to cater to these specific needs have noted an increase in positive reviews and repeat bookings, enhancing their reputation on the platform.


Understanding these key dates and tailoring your Airbnb hosting strategy accordingly can significantly enhance your success in Lisbon’s Airbnb market. Harness these insights to make your Airbnb property a top choice for visitors throughout the year!

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Why are these dates important for Airbnb hosts in Lisbon?

These dates represent periods of high tourist influx, leading to increased demand and the potential for higher revenue for Airbnb hosts.

How can I prepare my Airbnb for these critical dates?

Ensure your property appeals to the needs and interests of visitors during each specific event or season. Update your listing, highlight its proximity to event venues or attractions, and adjust your pricing to reflect demand.

How does the high season affect Airbnb pricing in Lisbon?

The high season typically results in increased demand, allowing Airbnb hosts to charge higher prices due to competition.

What is the impact of Lisbon’s cultural events on Airbnb demand?

Cultural events draw specific groups of tourists, increasing demand for Airbnbs, especially those close to event venues or tailored to the attendees’ needs.

Can I charge more during Lisbon’s Fashion Week?

Yes, if your Airbnb property caters to the tastes of the fashionable crowd and is conveniently located, you can adjust your prices accordingly.