Manage Airbnb Remotely

Do I have what it takes to manage Airbnb remotely?

Learn what skills it takes to properly manage Airbnb remotely.

Do you have a rental property right down the street? Or maybe across the country? Do you have the desire to travel or live somewhere else, but you worry about how you’ll keep your vacation rental business afloat while you’re away? Luckily, thanks to the internet you’re only a wifi signal away from home, which means you’re only a wifi signal away from your business. Managing Airbnb remotely does take some hard work, but can be an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling profession. It does take a particular set of skills to be successful. Do you think you have what it takes?

Are you good on the phone?

The most important aspect of managing Airbnb remotely is being an excellent communicator. Do you like talking on the phone, or do you dread it? Are you able to quickly get your point across or are you hard to understand? Communicating well is a difficult skill that takes practice if you’re not a natural. If you plan to manage Airbnb remotely, make sure you can communicate well.

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Are you tech savvy?

Another great skill to possess is the ability to navigate all things tech. From promoting your listings, video chatting with your cleaning crew and screen sharing with your accountant, you’ll need the skills and equipment to live in a tech-saturated world. If you are uneasy with technology, take the time to get familiar with it before you begin managing your Airbnb remotely. This way, when you make the switch, your business won’t miss a beat.

Do you have Hosty account?

Last and most certainly not least, having the correct professional vacation management software is paramount to successfully managing your Airbnb remotely. The best one on the market? Well, Hosty of course! We’re the professional vacation rental management software that helps you manage Airbnb remotely without all the hassle. Easily message guests with our simple messaging platform and see all of your listings from all platforms in one easy to use dashboard, all without having to log in and out of multiple accounts! It’s so helpful, it will be hard to remember how you did you job without it. Want to learn more? Sign up for your free trial today!

So now that you know how do manage Airbnb remotely, the possibilities for travel are endless! You can travel the world, visit family, or just stay put.  Know that wherever you end up, Hosty is here to help you manage your business expertly. Happy hosting!