Promote Airbnb Listing

Innovative ways to promote Airbnb listing

So you’ve read all of our previous posts about how to get started with Airbnb. You learned how to take some great photos and write compelling listing descriptions. You even took the time to make your listing look its best. Congratulations! You’re well on your way to become an Airbnb superstar.  Despite all of your hard work, your Airbnb listing still isn’t getting booked as often as you hope. So what do you do to help promote Airbnb listing and get the bookings you expect? Implementing some of these creative ways to promote your Airbnb listing is a great way to increase your visibility and ultimately your bottom line. Keep reading to learn more.

How do you promote your Airbnb listing?


You – The Host

No cancellations:
Airbnb has seriously stamped down on cancellations in a bid to improve the guest experience. So, you need to avoid canceling reservations, the assortment of penalties handed to you will affect your position in the search results.

Social Media:

Social Media is huge nowadays, so why not utilize that audience and promote your listing? If you link your Airbnb profile, you’ll be able to spread the word and boost your reputation on the platform. Plus, talking about Airbnb outside of Airbnb will be rewarded.

Lightning-quick response time:

Airbnb love to know that hosts are active, and by responding to any queries or concerns as fast you can, you’re proving that you’re ready for bookings. As a result, Airbnb will repay you by pushing your listing up the rankings. Oh, and your guests will be happier too!

Word of mouth:

Despite the evolution of the internet, word of mouth is still extremely powerful. For instance, if you gifted one family a wonderful experience, they’ll more than likely recommend you to their friends. So, the idea is to concentrate on quality hospitality and building your reputation.


Your Profile

5-Star reviews:

The review system on Airbnb is very effective for increasing SEO. If you earn 5-star evaluations, you’ll prove to Airbnb and the millions of guests on the platform that you can be trusted. With trust comes a greater number of bookings, which then snowballs into more exposure on the site.

Complete profile:

Make sure that you fill out each section of your profile with great details because that showcases your commitment and dedication to your Airbnb business. That’s exactly what Airbnb wants to see, and that’s why you’ll be rewarded with higher rankings in the search results.

Superhost status:

Becoming a Superhost is the ultimate recognition for being a top-quality host, and the badge will do wonders for your business. Not only will it help with SEO, it will enable you to price your listings on the higher end.

Your Listing

Pricing strategy:

Pricing is key to attracting guests, and it’s important that you get your strategy spot on. Take into account season, time and special occasions, as these are indications that an adjustment is necessary. If you don’t want the hassle, just set up smart pricing and have Airbnb do it for you.

Update availability:

Constantly updating your calendar to display when you’re home is available for rent will prove to Airbnb that you’re active on the platform. As you’ll know by now, being active is appreciated by Airbnb, so you’ll show higher up in search results.

Tweak duration to 1 night:

Airbnb admire hosts that can offer flexibility, which is why setting your minimum stay duration to 1 night will yield tremendous results. The flexibility will open your listing up to a much wider audience, so you’ll naturally have a bigger chance of getting bookings.

Instant book:

If you’re trying to increase bookings and boost SEO, you should consider enabling Instant booking. Why? Because it will show that you’re active, that you’re available and that you’re willing to accept guests with different requirements.


Now, that you’ve done everything to promote Airbnb listing, it’s time to relax. All you have to do is sit back and wait for all of your bookings to flood in, knowing that your hard work promoting your Airbnb listing will pay off. When you do start to get busy, remember that Hosty will be here to help you organize your listings and keep your guests happy. Hosty is the professional vacation rental software with features like channel manager and Auto Pricing that will make your business so much more successful!