Airbnb and HomeAway

Airbnb and HomeAway new updates.

How Airbnb and HomeAway changes may affect your vacation rental business.

If you’ve logged into your account on Airbnb or HomeAway recently, you’ll have noticed some changes to both platforms. These changes are relatively significant and can change the way that both of these businesses advance in the future. Most notably, HomeAway removed with host contact information (you can only see the information after you complete booking). And Airbnb has focused on their Instant Book listings. Generally, it seems that both Airbnb and HomeAway did this to help streamline the booking process and remove the burden of communication from renters and owners.

What does this mean for Airbnb or HomeAway multiple account managers?

For one, fewer communications and more instant bookings. A significant advantage of this change is that it could decrease the time you have to spend on contacting potential guests. Anyone running a vacation rental business knows that time is money so this is a huge advantage. A large disadvantage is the fact that you have less of an opportunity to make a personalized impression with your potential guests. This that may affect your guests’ expectation and ultimately your reviews.

Does this change how I use Airbnb or HomeAway?

Definitely! Now, that both Airbnb and HomeAway are pushing for more instant bookings. Your profile and listings will have to be more complete, well-managed, and more attractive. Make certain to craft your profile and listings in a way that answers all potential questions that may deter your guests. Fill out your profile completely and as detailed as possible to ensure that potential guests get a good sense of who you are. Finally, take the extra time to take amazing photos of your property so everyone can see the beauty of your listings. These changes should save you time in the long run. But also they will require a little extra work upfront to ensure that your listings are top-notch.

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