Vacation Rental House Rules-Templates

Need help designing a vacation rental house rules template? Look no further. Hosty has your back covered

It doesn’t matter if you rent your house all of the time or just once in awhile, you need to have some guidelines in place for your home. Having proper house rules for renters is essential to keep yourself and your guests safe.

Below, you’ll find a general template that you can use when crafting your vacation rental house rules. Use this template as a guide and add in the details that pertain to your property and you’ll be good to go!

Vacation rental house rules template

Opening statement

A simple, warm and welcoming statement that thanks your guests for coming is a great place to start. After that, take a few sentences to explain why you have your house rules in place and what happens (a fee, a bad rating, etc.) if they aren’t followed.

Property and neighbourhood noise considerations

What are the noise considerations in your property and your neighborhood. Is there a noise curfew at 11 pm every night? Do your neighbors party until 3 am on the weekends? Whatever it is, you should state it here.


Street parking, garage, meters? Outline the number of cars you allow to be parked on or around the property and what someone’s options are if their group has extra vehicles.


Do you recycle or compost? Where do you want the garbage left at the end of a stay? Outline what goes where and what is expected of guests before their check out.


It should go without saying, but remind your guests to lock the doors and windows each night and always to be aware of their surroundings. Crimes can happen in even the safest neighbourhoods, so it’s always helpful to remind your guest to be mindful.  Learn more about how to keep your rental safe here.


Do you allow smoking in your home? Outside on the patio? Outline your smoking policy here and remind your guests what will happen if they disobey it.


Do you love furry friends or are they not your cup of tea? If your rental allows pets, be specific about the type and size, so you don’t get any surprises when you come to clean up.

Emergency instructions and contact details

Provide easy to see, extensive emergency contacts and details in case of an emergency. Where are your fire extinguishers? What’s the number for the plumber, the police, or poison control? Having these at the end of your document makes it easy to see and easy to find if something does go wrong.

Compliance reminders and last minute details

It’s a good practice to finalize your welcome letter with reminders about how to check out (take out the trash, leave used linens on the bathroom floor, etc.,). Also, remind your guests that the above regulations are necessary to keep them safe and should be followed appropriately.

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