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Airbnb Launch Competition For a Once in a Lifetime Stay on Great Wall of China

More than 10 million people venture from far and wide to visit the Great Wall of China every single year, and it’s no surprise why. The incredible piece of construction stretches roughly 5,500 miles across the Asian country, with spectacular views available from every inch of it.


Now, despite being such a global attraction, not everyone will have the pleasure of ticking it off their bucket list throughout their lifetime. That’s why Airbnb’s latest competition is such an amazing opportunity.


Not only will the four winners be able to experience stepping foot on the wall, but they’ll also have the chance to stay overnight in a custom-designed house. Here’s how the itinerary will look…


The start of the journey will consist of hiking to the special sleeping quarters, where the winners can create fantastic memories and capture awesome moments on camera. Then there’ll be a multi-course gourmet dinner, including various elements of Chinese traditions and modern cooking.


While you’re eating your meals, you’ll be presented with an authentic Chinese concert, after which you can head back to your bedroom. The following day, you’ll spectate the sun rise from the highest watchtower, learn Chinese calligraphy, construct a unique stamp and learn about Great Wall conservation efforts.