Airbnb Insurance Myths

Beware Of These Airbnb Insurance Myths

Airbnb insurance can prove to be beneficial to your business. But if you believe in Airbnb insurance myths then you can get confused. Such myths just create chaos in your mind and prevent you from tsking the right decisions. Myths can be dangerous for your business. It is very difficult to differentiate between myth and reality. You might perceive a myth as a reality. Consequently, you might make the wrong decisions.

While deciding anything for your short-term rental business always consider the facts and the myths. Do your research and then trust anybody. Today you will discover the Airbnb insurance myths. Insurance is crucial for security and you have to decide carefully. Many hosts do not trust Airbnb insurance because they trust the myths. There are numerous Airbnb insurance options and thus there are numerous myths about each one of them. So, let’s find out what Airbnb Insurance myths can derail you from making a gainful decision.

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Airbnb Insurance Facts Vs Airbnb Insurance Myths

1. Airbnb Host Protection


Airbnb host protection insurance covers your property. Airbnb host protection protects your property against damages by the third party.


This type of insurance protects the guests. It will protect the individuals living at your property as guests from any physical injury caused during the stay in the insured property.

In some countries, this Airbnb insurance also provides protection to the hosts. But it never covers your property. It is restricted to individuals.

2. The Host Guarantee And The Host Airbnb Insurance Protection


Both these services are the same. Host guarantee and host Airbnb insurance protection offer the same protection.


The only similarity both the services have is offering you some kind of protection. Otherwise, the host guarantee and the host Airbnb insurance protection are completely different.

The host guarantee covers your property against any damages done during the stay of a guest. A host guarantee is a systematic service. You have to fill the form within 14 days of the check-out and present evidence related to the complaint. The host guarantee protects you against any property damages done by the guest.

Host Airbnb insurance protection protects the hosts against any third-party claim of bodily injury or property damages. This means that if any third party accuses you of any physical injury or property damages during the stay then this insurance will cover you.

Both host guarantee and host Airbnb insurance protection are for the benefit of the hosts but they have different purposes and functions. Don’t confuse between the two and select the most convenient one according to your need.

3. Homeowner’s Insurance Policy


Homeowner’s insurance policy will protect you as an Airbnb host. This insurance will work as a shield in your Airbnb business activities.


Homeowner’s insurance policy has nothing to do with Airbnb. This policy has its limitations. It is clearly mentioned in the policy that any kind of business activities are excluded from the insurance. As you know, Airbnb is also a business. Any claims relating to your property that is used for commercial purposes would not be considered because the homeowner’s policy does not include business coverage.  

Homeowners’ insurance policy is for homeowners and not business owners. Don’t let the myth mislead you and convince you to sign the wrong policy. You should read terms and conditions thoroughly and then make an informed decision.

4. Landlord Airbnb Insurance


Landlord Airbnb insurance will protect you in the short-term rental business. Landlord Airbnb insurance will work for vacation rental as well.


Landlord insurance protects the landlords of long term-rentals. Alike the homeowner’s insurance this one also excludes any business activity. Landlord insurance is framed keeping in mind the extended period of stay. Short-term rentals do not fit in this insurance policy and thus it could be a waste to invest in this if you own a vacation rental.

Landlord insurance will not entertain claims regarding any business activity or short term rentals. Thus, it does not protect your Airbnb business or any other short term rental business. Don’t fall prey to such myths and select an unsuitable insurance policy.

Steps To Effectively Protect Yourself And Your Property

Step 1 – Research

In the case of weak research, Airbnb insurance myths will successfully mislead you and you will end up signing up for the wrong policy. Airbnb insurance is an investment. You have to think before you sign. The first important step is to research your options. Study about different policies and their coverage. Every policy will have different restriction get to know every one of them and shortlist the ones which will provide you maximum protection. Find out how will you be protected in a crisis and note down the best ones.

Step 2 – Compare

Talk to the Airbnb service provider and get to know what’s suitable for you. In this step, you will have to talk to the Airbnb insurance company representative to convince yourself. Consider factors such as price, coverage, effectiveness, etc. Compare your selected options and try to find the most suitable and reasonable one. Do not fall prey to cheap prices. Less expensive insurance could leave you insecure.

Step 3 – Confirm

Once you have found the best policy in your budget that suits your needs then proceed to finalize the signing. Collect all the necessary papers from Airbnb insurance before you allow yours, guests, to enter your property. These papers will only protect you.


Airbnb Insurance myths are everywhere. In fact, myths are everywhere. When you manage a business, you have to be alert and always fact checks the information. Whenever making big decisions like Airbnb insurance you should spend a significant amount of time researching and getting your facts straight. Even when you are planning to use management software follow the same procedure, research, compare, and confirm. Don’t forget to check out Hosty’s management software in this process its features will help you to shorten the time period and take decisions quickly. Don’t believe in any Airbnb insurance myths if you are confused, check this article once again.

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