Airbnb Investment Property

Is buying an Airbnb investment property for you?

Learn more about how to manage an Airbnb investment property

Are you ready to take the next big step in your Airbnb career? Maybe you’ve rented a room in your home or rented your entire house on Airbnb when you were away on vacation. If you have, you know the incredible income potential you can achieve with this service. You know that if you have the means, purchasing an entire Airbnb investment property would be an incredible opportunity with unlimited income potential. But where do you start? The process of buying an Airbnb investment property doesn’t have to be tricky. Before you begin to think about a property, you need to think about how to manage your property in the most efficient way possible. Learn the best ways to manage your Airbnb investment property here!

Think about your limited resources

You only have 24 hours, each day. With that 24 hours you have to take care of your family, do your job, and dedicate at least a little bit of time to eating and sleeping. Do you have the time in your schedule to take on the added responsibility of managing an Airbnb investment property? You have to be available to make repairs, clean rooms, welcome guests, list and maintain properties online. It’s a lot of work, but with some assistance and a few tricks, you can make it happen.

Hire the right people

Take some time and find some honest, responsible professionals that can take care of the daily tasks of an Airbnb investment property. An experienced landscaper, a detailed cleaning person, and a Jack-of-all-trades handyman are amazing people to have by your side when you purchase an Airbnb investment property. Simply put – they’ll make your job easier and free you up to make strategic business decisions that can drive your business forward.

Automate the process

Don’t waste time doing things manually when technology can make it simpler. Consider automating the welcome process, so you don’t have to take time to meet your Airbnb guests at check in and check out. Invest in a keyless lock that opens your door with a code. Or, consider filming your welcome tour and uploading it to YouTube so your guests can simply click a link and get a tour of your place whenever they want!

Use Hosty!

The best way to maximize your time when managing your Airbnb investment property is to use Hosty! We’re the best professional vacation rental software on the market that makes it easy for you to save time and maximize your efficiency. Use our multi-channel management platform to aggregate all of your listings, change prices, manage calendars and even message your guests, all from one place! It’s the one solution you need to be a successful Airbnb multiple accounts manager.

Buying an Airbnb investment property is a big decision, but if you take some of these ideas into consideration, we think that you’ll see a profit in no time. Need some more inspiration to get started? Click here, here, and here for some more great startup information.