Airbnb Interior Design

There’s a designer in all of us. Airbnb interior design tips

Airbnb interior design is an art, a science, and is actually really fun. Keep reading to learn more.

Airbnb interior design may be a term near and dear to your heart. Or, it may be as terrifying as “algebra,” “public speaking” or “decaf coffee.” No matter what the term makes you feel, making sure that you have some knowledge of Airbnb interior design is really important. Having an idea of proper interior design considerations can help you create a fantastic space that your guests will love.

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The more, the merrier.

Obviously, fitting more people in your space provides you with a higher revenue potential. Having a high occupancy makes it possible to charge top dollar for your Airbnb listings. If you have a small space, keep on reading because this still applies to you. Next time you need to buy furniture, consider purchasing a pull out couch, or a daybed to replace less functional furniture. This way, you can increase your occupancy without adding too many bulky beds to your Airbnb listing.

Structure equals function.

Successful Airbnb interior design is accomplished by making your space look chic, functional, and well organized.  A wonderful way to make this happen is by using book shelves and built in storage to divide larger rooms. Adding a small reading nook into a large living room can help break up a large space and squeeze more functionality into your Airbnb listing. This extra storage can help to keep your space organized and clean, making your listing even more attractive.

It’s not a stretch.

When your listing is small, your Airbnb interior design skills need to go up a notch. Consider adding horizontal or vertical stripes, pops of color or bold prints to create impressive results. Horizontal stripes help to make narrow rooms look wide, vertical stripes make low ceilings feel taller and bold colors help your space feel open. Utilizing these design aspects will make your Airbnb listing feel like home.

Decorate happy.

The way a room “feels” is an essential aspect of an Airbnb condo design. Think about the way you feel when you enter a spa or a yoga studio and try to copy their design characteristics. Highlighting bright, happy artwork, calming colors, and positive vibes can really change the mindset of an Airbnb guest. It may sound a little silly, but guests truly are a product of their environment. Why not create happy people by providing a pleasant atmosphere for them to stay in.

Will these Airbnb interior design tips make you into a pro? Maybe not, but they’re an excellent way to highlight the best aspects of your space to help land more bookings and keep your guests coming back for more. Remember, with a little work Airbnb interior design can become a huge benefit to your bottom line.