Airbnb vs Hotels

Weighing their options. A traveler’s perspective on Airbnb vs Hotels

When weighing the decision of Airbnb vs Hotels, a traveler has a lot to think about. Most Airbnb’s focus on cost efficiency and authentic experiences where hotels are all about professionalism and uniformity. Luckily for Airbnb hosts, most travelers are looking to have unique experiences when spending time in a new city. We are most likely a little biased, but we think that Airbnb’s are always the best choice.  A traveler has the chance to really learn about their destination, spend time with locals, and have unforgettable experiences when staying with an Airbnb host. However, as much as travelers want these things when they visit a new city, they also crave organization and professionalism. After all, travel is stressful.  So having a seamless accommodations experience is important.

Airbnb Vs Hotels Price Comparison

When making the decision between an Airbnb or Hotel, the price is often a consideration. Airbnb prices may be higher or lower than hotels, depending on a number of factors. Generally, Airbnb’s do cost less than a traditional hotel stay which is a great advantage for budget travelers. If your Airbnb listing comes in at a higher price than some hotels in your area, don’t fret. As an Airbnb host, having a higher priced listing may not be a bad thing. Highlighting the cost savings of an Airbnb is a great way to get travelers to choose you. Having a full kitchen or access to laundry can be cost saving alternatives to eating out or dry cleaning fees that a traveler may experience at a hotel.

The takeaway: Give them the best of both worlds

Essentially, travelers are looking for an authentic yet professional experience when choosing a hotel or an Airbnb rental. Give them exactly what they want by providing unique listings with a side of professionalism. Using Hosty’s Airbnb Property Management Software to provide an extra layer of professionalism and customer service is a great way to make your travelers feel well taken care of. Our Booking Management and Central Inbox capabilities helps you run your business just like a hotel would, providing your guests with the professionalism they need.

Using Hosty to effectively communicate with your guests is the best way to give travelers exactly what they want. Now, making the decision between Hotel vs. Airbnb will be as simple as making the decision to travel in the first place.