Airbnb Decor

Airbnb decorating ideas to spice up your rental.

What type of decor is right for your Airbnb?

A beautifully decorated home can make or break your Airbnb business. Having a well-designed space is essential to making your home look attractive and desirable. As a matter of fact, a poorly decorated space can mean slow rentals, lower prices, and even bad reviews. Because of this, it’s imperative that you think about how to decorate your Airbnb to attract the most guests. Don’t worry- it doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Below are four ways to assist you in quickly, easily, and cheaply decorating your Airbnb. Your guests will think that you’re an interior designer.

Airbnb Decor Considerations:

Remove the clutter

This is the easiest one of all! You don’t even have to purchase new decor for your Airbnb to make it look awesome. Remove old magazines, reorganize cluttered shelves, fold blankets, and donate that old table that’s just there to collect dust. Providing an organized and clean-looking space is a great way to start getting your home ready for Airbnb guests.

Pops of color

If you don’t know the 1st thing about interior decorating, it’s completely ok. Just remember this: monochromatic color palette + pops of color= fantastic design! Just choose a simple color pallet for your walls, floors, and furnishings and accent your room with pops of color. Pick a fun color like a dark burgundy red and purchase pillows, art, accessories, or blankets in this color. Within seconds your room will be transformed.

Light and airy

When taking pictures of your rental, Airbnb loves to see photos that are crisp and bright. Photos like this bring a sense of calm and make spaces look larger and more inviting. In order to achieve this in your rental, choose light colored drapes, cool colors, and add mirrors to the walls for extra dimension.

Texture and soft surfaces

An excellent way to make your Airbnb decor look expensive is playing with textures and soft surfaces. Oversized comfy blankets or intricate pillows are wonderful options to make a space look luxe without breaking the bank.

Pro tip: Your Airbnb decor will look even better in a home that’s spotless. Learn more about Airbnb cleaning considerations.

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