Vacation Rental Management Fees

Are your vacation rental management fees too high?

Learn more about vacation rental management fees

Top vacation rental management fees are approximately 20-30% of total bookings. A number that high deserves some looking into. Specifically, what tasks do managers perform to earn their fee? Honestly, it’s quite a long list of responsibilities. If you use your rental property primarily for short-term guests, your vacation rental manager has a lot to do. Managers need to take care of many tasks such as filling up your calendar with trips, coordinating guests’ check-ins and check-out, welcoming them. Also, he is arranging for cleaners for each check-out, supervising frequent repairs, handling emergency situations, etc, etc, etc.

Comparatively, if you hire a traditional long-term rental property manager, they have to go through the hassle of finding you a tenant at the most, twice a year, more often once every 2 years. Add in the occasional repair and deep cleaning when the rental switches hands, it’s easy to see why short-term management fees are significantly more expensive.

Are you tired of paying such a high vacation rental management fees? Do you think that it’s time to change your business model? To do some of the vacation rental management tasks on your own? Maybe you decided to hire a vacation rental manager when you first started out. Or when you were still juggling your new Airbnb rental business with a full-time job. If you have a good understanding of all tasks that a vacation rental manager must perform in order to earn their fee; and, if you are ready to take on some of those tasks yourself, you have some fantastic ways to do it yourself.

Hire a cleaning company:

A great way to save some money on your vacation rental management fees is to take on the administrative duties yourself and hire a cleaning company to clean your rental after each check out.

Go high-tech:

Save time welcoming your guests by automating the process by purchasing smart locks, other high-tech home accessories, or research other available options to promote convenient 24/7/365 self-serve services such as KeyCafe.

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Use a vacation rental management software:

The best way to save money on your vacation rental management fees is to start using Hosty! Hosty is the professional vacation rental management software that can completely transform your business. Use Hosty to organize your rentals. See your combined multi-calendar and message guest from the best user-friendly platforms on the market. Hosty maybe just what you need to get rid of that hefty vacation rental management fees while making a great business decision. Ready to learn more? Sign up and receive a free 14-day trial!

Vacation rental management services may be a great option for some vacation rental management professionals as they take away a huge burden, freeing you up to do other business management tasks. However, their services definitely come at a cost. You need to determine if the vacation rental management fees are worth it. And if not? There are many other alternatives you have to consider. Happy hosting!