Airbnb Disaster Response

Airbnb Disaster Response helps those in need

How Airbnb revolutionized disaster response

After Superstorm Sandy the executives at Airbnb felt like they wanted to do something to help. They wanted to find a way to serve the countless people displaced by widespread flooding, high-speed winds, and heavy seas that devastated the East Coast of the United States. They wanted to be able to do something that was impactful and long-lasting, and that could be used to help people during times of need all throughout the world.

Airbnb decided that they wanted to use their powerful vacation rental platform to allow hosts to offer their homes for free when their area is affected by a natural disaster. Unfortunately, this wasn’t as easy as it sounds. Programmers had to completely redesign the payment system to allow it to process free rentals. After a quick but complete redesign, Airbnb disaster response feature began. It allowed hosts to offer up their properties at no cost to affected families and emergency workers.

Since its inception in 2012, Airbnb’s disaster response program has helped its hosts donate over 3,500 stays in 65 different circumstances. Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados and other natural disasters can impact people’s lives in a very quick and powerful way. In recent months, large scale disasters have devastated vast areas of land, over extended emergency shelters and made it difficult for crews to quickly or efficiently begin to clean up. The more people that can stay at Airbnb properties helps to relieve shelters. This frees up these very valuable services for people with advanced needs such as the elderly, families with children, or those with health problems.

Protip: Never stress about any impending disaster. Make sure you have the proper Airbnb insurance.

Can I be a part of Airbnb disaster response?

Do you want to help? Offering your listing as an Airbnb disaster response listing is easy. First you need to have a verified account. After that, you simply opt-in on the welcome page and if a disaster strikes, you can make your home available to neighbors or relief workers in need. Once the Airbnb disaster response is activated in your area, you can log in and offer up your home. This program allows for both Airbnb and individual hosts to be proactive in helping those in need.

This Airbnb disaster response program only works if you hosts are willing to offer their homes when needed. The more hosts that provide their homes, the larger Airbnb’s impact will be. You have an incredible resource in your home and letting your friends and neighbors use it in their time of need is an excellent opportunity to do something great.

Ready to start listing your home on Airbnb and be a part of Airbnb’s disaster response system? It’s a great opportunity to make some money and help people in their times of need. If you are ready for that, then you’re ready for Hosty! We’re the professional vacation rental management software that can help you organize your listings, save you time, and keep your guests happy.