Airbnb vs Booking

Airbnb vs Booking com: How to choose the short-term vacation rental platform that’s best for you.

What type of host are you? Do you have multiple properties that you rent on a consistent basis? Are you a homeowner with a little extra space on your hands? Or are you somewhere in between? Figuring out the answer to these questions will help you determine whether you should focus your efforts on Airbnb vs Booking com. Both of these popular booking sites are easy to use, have excellent visibility, and showcase your listings in a way that will help get them booked. The difference between these two sites is huge and if you’re only going to list your property on one site, choosing which one is an important task.

Airbnb vs Booking com


When looking for properties in larger cities, it seems like typically lists more affordable accommodations. So, if you’re looking to list your properties for a bargain, that’s an excellent place to start. If you have a more luxurious offering, Airbnb should be your go-to site.

Repeat guests

If you want to foster long-term clientele and repeat guests, Airbnb should be your preferred vacation rental site. Airbnb is the best site for this hosting method as the message feature allows you to start a relationship with your guest before they stay with you and continue it afterward. Being able to provide previous guests with discounts for future stays is another wonderful way to get your favorite guests coming back the next time they’re in town.

Cultivating relationships

When thinking about Airbnb vs Booking com decide if creating a bond with your guest is an essential aspect of hosting. If so, choose Airbnb. Airbnb gives you the ability to converse with your guests before their stay. This lets you get to know them before their stay and help them learn about the best way to enjoy your city. doesn’t allow for guest to message hosts which results in a more business-like transaction. Both are totally legitimate ways to be a host, it all comes down to your personal preference.

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Whichever vacation rental platforms you choose, the power is in your hands to make the process most efficient using Hosty! We’re the professional vacation rental management software that can help list, organize, and manage your properties from both Airbnb and in one simple and easy to use place. Change prices, message guests, view calendars and more. Ready to give Hosty a try? Click here for a free trial!

Choosing Airbnb vs Booking com to list your vacation rental is a personal decision that depends highly on your rental style. If you want more business-focused transactions put your energy into If you desire to form a relationship with your guests, foster repeat bookings, or help guests fall in love with your city, choose Airbnb. Whichever you prefer, we think that adding Hosty to the mix will make hosting even more rewarding.