Airbnb Rental Limit

New changes to some cities Airbnb rental limit.

Airbnb rental limit is changing. Learn how this can effect vacation rental managers worldwide.

In many popular cities such as Vancouver, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, officials are beginning to crack down on short-term rental properties. As it gets harder and harder to find rental property in well-known cities, some places are putting a cap on how long homeowners can use their homes for short-term vacation rentals. This change is opening up rental properties for more long-term rental possibilities. It also can potentially have an effect on the bottom lines of many vacation rental managers.

Most recently, Paris has made changes to its Airbnb rental limit. City officials have announced a new rule stating that homeowners can only rent their places for 120 days each year. It’s slowly rolling out in the boroughs of Paris starting with the areas that have the most tourists each year. This Airbnb rental limit will slowly take effect in all 20 boroughs of the city within the next six months.

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