Airbnb Host Etiquette

Airbnb Host Etiquette: How to Become a Perfect Host

Starting an Airbnb business can be both incredibly rewarding, and incredibly nerve-racking. You’ll meet lovely people and earn money in the process, but it’s your own home and you don’t know what to expect.

Once you’ve created an awesome listing and finally acquired a booking, you’ve got to give your guests an experience they can smile about. Consistently providing travellers with enjoyable stays and working hard on your business, you’ll eventually reach superhost status. You want to be labeled as a superhost and receive all of those superhost benefits, right?

To help you out, we’ve put together some etiquette suggestions:


Be friendly and attentive

Just think about what you’d like to see in a host when you’re travelling… we guarantee one of the first things you think of is friendliness. As a host you want your guests to feel at ease. Manners cost nothing and showing that you care will go a long way. So, when they arrive just give them a quick tour, make sure they have your number in case of any problems, and double-check they’ve got everything they need.

Make them feel at home

When you’re travelling to a foreign place and staying in an unfamiliar environment, you want somewhere that will make you feel comfortable. That’s exactly what you should try to achieve. Ensure that the whole house – from top to bottom – is clean and tidy. Place basic supplies in each room that you think they’ll need; milk and sugar in the kitchen, magazines in the living room and tissue paper in the bathroom come to mind. Oh, and remember to give them the Wi-Fi credentials.

Explain your rules on arrival

The best way to avoid any issues, and to make the experience as pleasant as possible, is to reinforce your rules upon guests’ arrival. Yes, you may have stated them in the listing, but many people skim-read or just simply forget. Therefore, you should make them aware of your boundaries straight away – in a friendly way – so they know what to expect. For instance, no smoking in the backyard or no music after midnight.

Have breakfast ready

You can’t become a perfect on host on a platform with ‘bnb’ in the name if you don’t put effort into breakfast. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to whip up a full English or offer a selection of ten different cereals. Just a small array of cereals, tea and coffee, jam, honey and bread (for toast) will make a huge difference. If your guests start off their day on the right foot with their hunger suppressed, their experience will be ten times better.

Inform the neighbors

It’s a good idea to make your neighbors aware of you letting your property out for two reasons. The first is that they won’t have any unexpected surprises when they see different people entering and leaving your property. The second is that you can leave your number, so they can give you a call if any suspicious activity is taking place. Ultimately, the situation benefits both of you.